Top Tips To Build Your Tribe

Top Tips To Build Your Tribe

Top Tips To Build Your TribeYou may find some of this content a little controversial and we promise to share our top tips to build your tribe but first …

We read today in an article from a highly respected and very successful marketer – Dan Kennedy no less that whilst we may like to refer to building an audience, a tribe or community we should actually refer to them as a herd.

We don’t know about you but an article entitled Top Tips To Build Your Herd doesn’t sound quite so appealing does it … and if someone were searching farming tips they might be surprised to come across this article?

We do however encourage you to read on because actually what he said made a lot of sense and like most experts, Kennedy insists that you build a tribe of raving fans in your business. But he’s the only one that teaches you tobuild your herd and put a fence around them.”

Dan Kennedy is not being condescending about his customers. He’s simply suggesting we should be good shepherds to our flock. We should build a fence around them to protect them.

We get it and that’s what we do as entrepreneurs – build tribes and communities and then serve them well.  Not quite sure about the herd metaphor though!

Anyway, here are Dan’s top tips to build your tribe which we know you will find very useful

Top Tips To Build Your Tribe By Dan Kennedy

These are ten of the top tips to build your tribe with grateful thanks to Dan Kennedy for sharing them with us …

Start by brainstorming about your best customer.

What do they need? How can you add value to their lives? How can you repeatedly serve them and keep them inside your community gates?

Identify where to find your best customers – the ones with the interest, desire, and ability to purchase your products and services again and again.

Create a winning sales message for your customers.

Use the classic AIDA formula to get their attention, create interest, stimulate desire, and finish with a compelling call to action

Create great products.

It seems a little backwards to create your product after your sales message, but that’s what the best marketers do. They figure out the market place first. Then once you’ve created your sales message, you can create the best products for them that solve their problem.

Once they’ve bought, deliver a personal touch as soon as possible.

Include videos in your auto-responder, get connected with them on Facebook, host a webinar, have your customer service team follow-up with them on the phone, or invite them to an ‘in-person’ event. Deepen the relationship as soon as you can.

Build and foster an irreplaceable relationship with them.

Coach. Care. Connect. Correct. Communicate with your community from your heart, delivering the wisdom that you would want to receive if your roles were reversed.

Deliver small, fast victories that your customers can use to build momentum and maintain their motivation.

Research shows that people quit if they don’t see progress. Make it easy for them to get started and keep going.

Ascend your customers up the ladder.

Show them you have what they need at the next level to take their success to the next level.

Incorporate high-value and done-for-you services.

Figure out ways to deliver automatic assistance or software that makes their lives easier.

This makes unplugging from the community painful, and gives them another strong reason to stick around.

Get them to join your community and get engaged.

Getting online support. It’s crucially important.

A study of Instagram users found that, “People who connected with 10 or more friends online lost more weight than people who did not connect with friends online.”

It’s not enough to just get your customers to buy and join your member areas and social media pages, but you must also get them to engage with one another in a community.

Recognize your customers and elevate their status by making a big deal when they contribute to the community.

Emphasise your mission.

Never forget that people want to be a part of something bigger than themselves.

Just as cows and sheep want to be in a herd, humans want to organise in tribes, especially ones committed to a greater good

We hope you enjoyed reading this article Top Tips To Build Your Tribe and it will help you as you grow your business

It’s interesting that even without this valuable formula most of what we’ve shared from Dan Kennedy are what we do already because we just found it worked.

Thanks for joining us on our page today

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