Why Swimming Lessons Could Change Your Life

Why Swimming Lessons Could Change Your Life

What’s the Worst That Could Happen

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Recently we were commenting on the book “The 2 Hours Work Week” by Tim Ferris – it inpspired us and has inspired people all over the world looking for “freedom“. It seemed very far fetched when we first read the book (we remember laughing and thinking how ridiculous it sounded) but we could see where he was coming from and when we read it again a while later realised there was a lot of sense in it. We have now built into business as much automation as possible to give us the time freedom we were looking for and to concentrate on the things that do require us.

Although a dream of many, very few people ever achieve a 2 hour work week …… but we work towards the goal day by day because we know that effort put in at the beginning pays dividends in the end!

Whilst researching for an article about the “2 Hour Work Week” we discovered this gem of a video which we want to share with you today and the important lessons you can learn from Tim as he shares his experiences with SWIMMING, SPEAKING JAPANESE and DANCING LESSONS

Tim shares some fun, encouraging anecdotes and how one simple question — “What’s the worst that could happen?” — is all you need to learn to do anything.

So here is a summary of what we took from the video:-


Now Tim may be talking about a subject as far removed from building an online business as you can get (swimming) BUT …… the message of “deconstructing things that scare the hell out of you” is a great lesson and will show anyone who says ‘I tried it before and it didn’t work‘ how they can get over that and become successful.

Learning languages (Japanese)

Why Swimming Lessons Could Change Your Life

How to focus on the material (training) that will enable you to master the skills you need (learnt from his experience in Japan and needing to know how to attend school and read and write in Japanese)

Same problem people have when they start a new business – they want to run before they can walk but if you master the basics the rest starts to fall into place.

Learning “most times it is what you do not how you do it that is the determining factor“ He calls it ‘material over method

Ballroom Dancing (Implicit vs Explicit)

You have to listen to this story and watch the actions to get it – entertaining to say the least. We’re still thinking about this one …. thinking we should take up ballroom dancing





What ‘experience’ would change your life? One thing we know is that there will definitely be something and just remember “What’s the worst that could happen?

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