Back to The Future – Goals vs New Year’s Resolutions

We expect  that you’re busy planning your goals for The New Year and are motivated and  excited about the opportunities that lie ahead of you.

This is a great time to reflect on what has just happened over the last 12 months  so that you can avoid making the same mistakes and strengthen any aspects of your life you believe needs focus in 2011.

Notice we talk about goals and not New Year’s Resolutions.  Let Tony Robbins explain.

These are our favourite goal setting videos.  As you watch them you will get a sense of dejavu as Tony is talking about Day 15 of the New Year!

These are our tips:-

  • Think about what you want to do
  • Imagine yourself doing it
  • Say why you want to do this
  • Write down the steps needed for you to achieve it
  • Pick up the phone and call us

Please share this with someone you know – it could make all the difference to them

PS  This is the video we received from our mentor and because the content is so important and so applicable to each and every one of you we would like to share it with you

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