Your Power to Achieve in 2011

We have just returned from 3 Days with Andy Harrington at his life changing “Power to Achieve” Event in London

Here’s a photo of us after we “broke the wood” which was a pretty amazing achievement – something we had seen done (like Tony Robbins Fire Walking) but never done ourselves.

Throughout the weekend we came to learn  that success is not about harnessing knowlege – reading books, going to events and lifetime learning but about what you do with that knowledge.

Those who are the most successful people in the world and who have a winner’s edge realise that knowledge in itself is not power but is a potential power for you to use as you will.

Why are we sharing this with you now you might ask?  Well the reason is that you have to surround yourself by the most successful achievers to realise YOUR potential power.

Andy Harrington is one of those people and we are excited that we will be working with him during 2011.

This year Andy will realise his dream which is to speak on stage with two of the most successful people in the world  – Anthony Robbins and Sir Richard Branson.  This is a unique, once in a lifetime opportunity for him and something he visualised happening.

What about YOU?  Would you like to be there alongside the most powerful achievers in the world? We certainly would and we will be there right up the front!

The good news is that YOU can too because Andy Harrington has a limited number of tickets available.

The National Achievers Congress will definitely be a “sell out” event so you need to make sure this is one event you definitely go to.

Click Here Get Your Ticket and We Will See You There

“My general philosophy in life is you never really go wrong saying yes.”  Sir Richard Branson

“Remember, a real decision is measured by the fact that you’ve taken new action. If there’s no action, you haven’t truly decided”
Anthony Robbins

To Your Power to Achieve

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