5 Secrets To Building An Online Business

5 Secrets To Building An Online Business

5 secrets to building an online business5 Secrets To Building An Online Business : There are five secrets to building an online platform

1. Positioning yourself as an authority, or expert, or success story
2. Publishing content online
3. Having a product
4. Knowing how to promote
5. Profiting from it

Now really is the perfect time to build your online platform and best of all it doesn’t matter what age you are!  We’re now in our 60’s but we started our online business in our mid 50’s and it certainly wasn’t something we knew much about!

Let Mike Koenigs explain the 5 secrets to building an online business in this video recorded at a private mastermind in Cabo San Lucas


Any time there is overwhelm and disruption, it’s a sign of huge opportunities.

Industries are collapsing right now due to technological disruption, but it doesn’t mean gloom and doom. The course of history is being changed, but that means there’s an opportunity for you to be on the right side of history.

In 2013, 85% of the human race was connected by phone, desktop and laptop. There were 3 billion connected desktops and laptops. The number of mobile devices exceeded the world population in 2013, and were forecast to reach 15 billion by 2015.

56% of the phones sold in the U.S. were smartphones. There were 1.5 billion TV’s, and 200 million of them were smart TV’s. Tablets started outselling computers.

These numbers are only continuing to go up, which means more opportunity for you to get your message and your ads in front of more people.

Imagine if you started building your online platform in 2013. How far could you have come by now?

But the good news is that it’s not too late … as we’re writing this in 2018 the opportunities are even more than they ever were back in 2013


It’s not too late to get on the right side of history, and use this technological shift to your advantage.

Google Hangouts enable you to broadcast a message to one person or 100,000 people, with a high definition video signal, for free. With this, you can tell your story and make your opportunities and products available.

Mike Koenigs predicts that online broadcasting through YouTube will become a common way of raising money. Fundraisers will publish a video about their idea or business, and attract money into that project.

There are more than a billion monthly users on YouTube, and 6 billion hours are watched every month. That’s almost an hour for every person on earth. Mobile makes up more than 25% of YouTube watch time.

Since his presentation, video has moved on in leaps and bounds with live video streaming on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat to name but a few … going to show that there are many more opportunities being created for online business own

So now let’s look at the 5 Secrets To Building An Online Business and put them into perspective

5 Secrets To Building An Online Business

Positioning yourself as an authority, or expert, or success story

Now of course when you first start out you don’t have any authority nor are you an expert and you most probably haven’t got a success story

That was us too but by becoming affiliate marketers and leveraging the success of the company or companies we were promoting we could use their expertise and their authority as we built our own and now 8 years on we have created our own success story having made in excess of a million dollars online (probably closer to two million dollars)

You can check out our story here

Publishing Content Online

This seems to be the thing that holds most people back yet it’s really very simple.  There is tons and tons of content on the internet already and all you need to do is find the right content for your audience (ours is people wanting to start an online business and aged 50 plus) then share it on blogs like this, social media platforms like Facebook and even record videos and put on YouTube just like the video you see above (not even ours!) We wrote this article on content marketing recently you may like to read

Having A Product

Now of course we all tend to think that having your own product is something we aspire to and we did too.  We do have products of our own including our own coaching and mentoring programs but when you are starting out it is so much easier to promote other people’s products.  Products from someone who has a proven track record and whose company is established and well known.  That’s the reason we love affiliate marketing because we don’t have to be continuously creating and launching new poducts. For instance we can promote all these products and services as an affiliate and earn commissions from them

The Ultimate Retirement Breakthrough With Chris and Susan BeesleyWe do have one that we are very proud of and that’s The Ultimate Retirement Breakthrough which we co-created with a company we represent as affiliates and it’s designed specifically for our perfect audience and showcases us as an authority

Knowing How To Promote It

Whatever your business, whatever your products and services, if you don’t know how to promote to the right people then you will have limited success.  Marketing education is the ONE thing that all entrepreneurs should dedicate their attention to right at the beginning of their journey because rest assured it will create the foundation of your ongoing success

This was the main reason we decided to concentrate on promoting products and services in the online business education and training for entrepreneurs niche

Profiting From it

Here’s where it becomes important for you as an entrepreneur.  It’s all well and good getting a good education but you have to start placing ads in order to build a list and then profit from building that list. That means placing your offers in front of those people.  Yes it takes time but it definitely works

So there you have the 5 secrets to building an online business (in outline only of course)

To find out more and work with us it’s as simple as completing this form and sending it over to us

Thanks for reading and hope to see you back again to read more

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