6 Minutes For The Next 60 Years

6 Minutes For The Next 60 Years

6 Minutes For The Next 60 Years6 Minutes For The Next 60 Years [Of Your Life] : This video is a “rant” from entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuck.  He’s prone to a little blue language but his message is always from the heart and intended to support and encourage entrepreneurship and making “shit” happen as he’s fond of saying.

This epic video “6 Minutes For The Next 6 Years of Your Life” is very typical of Gary Vaynerchuck but it speaks to us and our baby boomer generation and we’re thankful he comes out and says what we feel too… the more the merrier!

There’s a whole new world opened up because of the internet and it’s not just for the millenials (our children’s generation) to take advantage of.  In fact it’s opening up huge opportunities for us baby boomers and retirees who want or must earn income into our 60’s and beyond

6 Minutes For The Next 60 Years Video Rant

Here’s some of the key points quoted from the video

The money rant video was reverse engineered. I just knew that people would want to watch it. That’s what I also think is going to happen here. Basically I want this film to give you the audacity to actually go out and do it. You’re 52 years old, and it’s not being talked about enough that, hey, man, hey, gal, it’s not over. If you want it so bad, if it’s in you, maybe it’s not time to take up golf or pack it in …

There’s so many people that truly are good entrepreneurs or have entrepreneurial DNA, but they  just weren’t lucky enough to be born during an era that that seemed practical. It’s hard forsomebody who’s for 30 years gone a certain blueprint to understand that this is that realistic. They feel like it’s a young man’s sport, and it’s just not. It’s just not. If you’ve got the right DNA, and you’re a 72-year-old female, you have just as good of a bat as a 27-year-old dude, but you’ve been trained and story told to and positioned and lived in a 50-year manner…

The market will accept the victories if you’re good enough to have a victory. I believe more than ever that if you’re a 49-year-old housewife with two kids, because of this phone, you’ve got more opportunities to create something for yourselves. Please, my friends. Do not allow just the 18 and 14 and 22-year-olds to grab at this pie that is so available to all of us, regardless of our age. We’re going to live longer. The opportunity is real. The 58-year-old right now that’s watching this, you’re going to live another 40 years. 40 years of being able to do something you love is a big deal. Start putting in the work. Start recognising this isn’t just a young person’s game. Start representing the people that actually put in the work, the grey hairs, that context, that knowledge. Start deploying that. Educate yourself on the new world ~ Gary Vaynerchuck

We do hope you got real value from this video and our post and if you are one of the people Gary refers to and want to or dare we say it “need to” look to entrepreneurship to fund your future and your retirement lifestyle then we have the education to help you do that – like the man says “educate yourself on the new world

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