Finding A Blue Ocean Of Perfect Customers

Finding A Blue Ocean Of Perfect Customers

Finding A Blue Ocean Of Perfect CustomersFinding A Blue Ocean Of Perfect Customers: It’s a great phrase and something we are just reading in the book Expert Secrets by Russell Brunson.  He talks about having a “blue ocean strategy” and it’s something we want to explain because we consider this is very important as you build and grow your business.  It takes us back to when we first got started and our mentor said to us “what is it that makes you unique and different to everyone else and why someone would want to work with you”  We thought long and hard about it and realised that it was our age – we were in our mid 50’s at that time and it was our business experience.  We carved out a space in the market to attract people 50+ who wanted to generate a second income as an entrepreneur.

First of all dispel the myth that you need to be an expert.  Our expertise was accountancy and management consultancy and not online business when we first started.  Six years on we do have expertise but you definitely don’t need to be the most knowledgeable person in the world on your topic.  You just have to be one chapter ahead of the people you’re helping.

We’ll explain more about the blue ocean strategy in a moment and it will become clearer once we look at some important factors for you such as …

Who Do You Want To Serve?

 In his book Expert Secrets Russell Brunson talks about asking yourself the question “WHO do I want to serve?”  The answer to that question he says is typically people who were just like you before you became the “expert/authority” and you will be the person who will lead people on a path you have already walked.  To put that in context, whilst initially our USP (unique selling proposition) when we started our journey was our age and business experience it has now become our expertise in helping people 5o+ in or approaching retirement use entrepreneurship to improve their income and their lifestyle in retirement.

What Is Your Core Market?

There are three main markets – wealth, health, and relationships and within those main markets there are sub markets.  For example inside the wealth market you may have finance, investing, real estate etc … the list is practically endless in any of the core markets.  The question now is what sub market does your area of expertise fit right now? Bear with us as it will all become clear in a moment but just know that the “riches” are in the niches and these are just ONE STEP beyond the market!

What is Your Niche?

The niche is what you can offer people that’s different and special and your goal is to carve out a unique spot in the market.  That’s YOUR NICHE.  That niceh is one of the keys to success as an expert.

So let’s explain how this fits together using our personal example

  • Core Market = WEALTH
  • Sub Market = ONLINE BUSINESS
  • Niche = 50 PLUS

Back to the book “Blue Ocean Strategy” by W Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne and the concept you need to understand.  In brief they explain that most markets are “red oceans” full of blood because of all the sharks feeding on the same pool of fish.  The submarket is a very red ocean and it’s why it’s difficult to have success there.  It’s why you need to be smart and find a niche within that submarket where the ocean is blue and you can offer your opportunity to those customers.  You don’t want to be stepping into someon else’s blue ocean.  You want to create a new fresh blue ocean of your own where success will be so much easier.  Is it scary to do that?  Yes of course because in reality it’s uncomfortable to stand out from the crowd and we’ve had those same reservations but we’ve stuck to our guns and now we’re becoming recognised as the “experts” in online entrepreneurship for the 50+ who want or need to create a side or main income to fund their pension and retirement lifestyle

You can check out a recent article on Huffington Post that shows how creating this blue ocean for ourselves has got people looking at what we are doing and beginning to report on it.

Just be a little creative and carve out your own niche – it’s the key to your success.

Our mentor Daniel Priestley talks about this as becoming a Key Person Of Influence and carving out a niche “an inch wide and a mile deep“.  We’ve always remembered that. If you haven’t read this book we’ll add that in resources at the end of this post.  To begin with for us when we started our niche was Internet Entrepreneurs of Influence  (a little broad when we look back on it) and now it’s 50 Plus Internet Entrepreneurs Of Influence.  It’s the market we’ve identified through our age and experience that we want to serve and we’re going all out for it!


If you want to carve out the niche for yourself we highly recommend you get your hands on Expert Secrets as Russell expands on how you can identify your “blue ocean of perfect customers” and dominate it

Thanks for joining us on our blog and look forward to welcoming you back very soon 🙂

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