How To Start An Online Business

How To Start An Online Business


How To Start An Online BusinessHow To Start An Online Business : Now that we are several years down the road in our online business journey we thought we would reflect on what we have learned and shortcut your success so you don’t end up going down some of the “rabbit holes” we disappeared down every now and again.

This article “How To Start An Online Business” will give you facts not fluff and then it’s up to you to decide if it’s for you.

Things have changed a lot since our days ….

You see back then – it was 2009/2010 (our children refer to that time as the “stone age” as the internet has come a long way in six plus years since we ventured out to play) we pretty much had to find all the pieces for ourselves and then put them all together

Our online research for online marketing information for our clients had lead us to this new pathway as online / internet entrepreneurs and we saw that we could make a successful business out of it but we were faced with questions like these :-

1. Where do I find products to sell?
2. Where can I go to find out what works and what doesn’t?
3. How do I setup an email campaign?
4. How do I setup a website?
5. What software components do I need to host a website, generate leads, follow-up with potential customers, sell to those customers…

And the list goes on!

The thing is when we got started by example, “WordPress” for blog websites didn’t even exist and we had to learn how to code and all that good stuff.  These days you don’t have to contend with that kind of technology in your online business.  Luckily for you its so much easier these days in that respect but actually a lot harder in many other respects due to too much information and choice and you are bombarded with information, courses and business models.  How the heck do you choose?

As a regular visitor to our blog you know we write numerous review, articles, and provide lots of help but in this article we want to concentrate on how to start an online business in the easiest way possible and give you some information to think about before you make that decision…. because it’s not for everyone as you will see in the interview with Norbert Orlewicz below.

As a friend and fellow marketer put it

“The internet is not a mystical and magical place where you can plug into it and start generating a substantial amount of money without putting in some effort.  If you are looking for something like this, quit now… it doesn’t exist.

But there’s good news!

What does exist, are the core fundamentals, marketing systems, business models and pieces of software to assist you in starting, running and maintaining a sustainable and successful business whether you have your own products or no products at all.

All you need is someone to point you in the right direction and help you along the way.

You will come across people who will want to say it’s not possible to create a profitable business online and you have to be prepared to not listen to them.   It is possible to work from home, spend more time with your family, travel, make money for your retirement years etc…

It’s been done and you can do it too, trust us on that one – we’re in our sixties so you have no excuse!

To have a successful business online you need a business model you can follow and if you don’t want to create products of your own then we highly recommend affiliate marketing as the #1 model to follow and we’ll discuss that more in other articles.

You need to understand that having an online business is indeed a business and should be treated as such.  You will be responsible for running that business as an entrepreneur and what stands between you and success is YOU and what you DO

Our good friend and trainer Norbert Orlewicz who we have the pleasure to work alongside in one of the businesses we promote and train for says that there are 8  lessons every affiliate or internet marketer should learn and implement in their business.  Truthfully we would rather you see these now than be presented with them later.

How To Start An Online Business : Online Marketing Success Key Lessons and Takeaways

Here’s a little sample of what you will learn:

1. Decision – Every online entrepreneur at some point made the decision to take action in their business and to commit. Eventually, you will need to really decide and stop treating your online business as a “when ever I have time” gig and start taking it seriously because it can truly transform your life.

2. Invest in yourself – Invest in your education and increase your knowledge in order to develop your intellectual property. Do this by finding a mentor, investing in training, coaches, masterminds etc… Become an authority figure in your industry and bring value to the market place.

3. Narrow your focus – Free yourself of chaos. Focus on the fundamentals, become an expert in your industry by keeping it simple. You don’t need to know everything or use every single online strategy to grow your business. Less is more, simplicity is the challenge.

4. The 3 Step Formula – Build Your Audience / Engage Your Audience / Sell to Your Audience. Learn it, live it breath it.

5. Start creating and sharing content – This is a big one. Every online marketer experienced a breakthrough in their business when they started to provide valuable content to the market place. By providing great content, you will automatically begin to build trust with your audience and create authority in your industry. As Norbert puts it, become the answer provider and not the person asking the question.

6. Leverage Existing Systems – Shorten your time frame by using other marketers systems and sates funnels to get your business running fast. During the process, you will learn from them and eventually release your own products if you wish.

7. Webinars – This is aimed more towards intermediate and expert marketers but something to keep in mind for the future.

8. You can do this – Believe in yourself regardless of background, finances and knowledge. Remember this important lesson, the successful online marketers, the top producers weren’t born online marketers.

Now please don’t be overwhelmed by this amount of content we’re sharing.  It takes time to get to where you want to be but if you never start you will never get there.

This is our # One recommendation for a newcomer getting started online as what you learn will give you a great foundation for your future as an online business owner and marketer.  What you do with that knowledge thereafter is up to you.

We were actually honoured to be interviewed as one of Norbert’s “Online Playmakers” sharing the particular way we have built our business.  We’ll share that with you another day. You see there really are so many different ways.

You just have to find the right way for you.

Thanks for joining us here today and look forward to seeing you again

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