A Limitless Business

A Limitless Business

A Limitless BusinessThe problem with most traditional business models is that they are inherently flawed and why we want to introduce you to what we refer to as “a limitless business

We totally understand this because we too had a traditional business which we ran for some 25 years before changing to a limitless business model in our mid 50’s – one we came across by chance but one which has given us back our time freedom and allows us to travel, support our favourite cause and have a lot fun.

In a traditional business, you have to pour money into the business for a long time, sometimes years, before any  money comes back at all.  We know because we worked with clients just like that and it was often tough for them to make a good living.

Fortunately there is a new way to run a business we call it  a limitless business.  A business that gives you personal and financial freedom and you don’t have to risk hundreds of thousands of dollars to get there.

We show you in this video so grab a favourite drink and a notebook and listen carefully

A Limitless Business Explained

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The potential for this business model is virtually limitless …

For those of you who cringed at the words “affiliate marketing” (that was us too once upon a time) and think its something shady … just hold on a second  … it’s not.  There is absolutely nothing wrong about getting paid a commission for connecting a company with a new customer .  Many what you would know of as “traditional businesses” operate this way (including  businesses we worked with as management consultants)  Its a practice that goes back many hundreds of years.

What is important to understand though is the difference between a traditional affiliate marketing business and what is called a high ticket affiliate marketing business and the potential for this business model is virtually limitless.

This is the business model that has created for us a multiple six figure business and a new found freedom that we could not otherwise have had.  It’s a business that gives you everything you need to create financial and personal freedom where you can work when you want from where you want and if you wish to make enough money to quit your job or support your retirement as we have.

Its a business where age holds no barriers – we know people in their 80’s making money with this model as well as many others like ourselves who didn’t grow up with computers or smartphone or any of that stuff.

7fff-728x90-2Most people who start an affiliate marketing business don’t understand the whole story…

They start their business by selling low value products being paid small commissions and they find they have to sell a lot of products to make a reasonable income.

Problem number one is that unless you are using paid traffic it is impossible to scale up to higher volumes and with the cost of traffic continually rising your profit margins become smaller and smaller.

You end up doing a lot of work for very little income.

The second and biggest mistake is that they don’t get paid for the back end sales…

Basically, every time you make a sale the product owner, whose product you are selling, gets all the customer details.

Which means he has a database of existing customers who he can sell more products to.

These are normally higher value and he doesn’t have to pay you a commission…so he’s laughing all the way to the bank.

You’ve done the work and he gets paid!

With a limitless business model that’s not the case. It’s great to promote low value products like this one – 7 Figure Freedom Formula – because you also get paid on the back end

This is how we have a multiple six figure business.  We promote the low value front end products and we also get paid the back end commissions – commissions of $1,250, $3,300, $5,500 and even as much as $10,000 … but we don’t have to do the selling!

7fff-productdisplayimageIf you would like a limitless business just like we have we’re going to give you the opportunity today to join our 21 step training program which will show you how to get your first high ticket commission.  And access to your very own personal coach – someone who will answer all of your questions and walk you through the training so you fully understand everything.

We only wish we had been given this kind of information when we first started out.  It really is a shortcut to a limitless business that we know you are going to love.

It’s given us the freedom to run a business we love from anywhere in the world and in a niche that we absolutely love – education and training for entrepreneurs.

We hope you will take advantage of this chance to look at our limitless business.

After all what’s the worst that could happen?

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