The Real Truth About Home Based Business

The Real Truth About Home Based Business

The Real Truth About Home Based BusinessIf you’re reading this article “the real truth about home based business” the chances are you are you’re interested in starting a home based business and checking out whether what people say is true or false

We want to give you a balanced view and speak from the heart and tell you about the different kinds of home based business that exist and why we believe that now and in the future home based business with be on the increase and will be seen in a much better light than they are portrayed right now …. usually as a result of unscrupulous marketers it has to be said!  This has led to an erosion of what we would call goodwill in the marketplace leaving people sceptical of legitimate offers.  These are the people who write those wonderful “scam reviews” (they are actually writing them to take you to their business proposition 99% of the time)… not including people who write stuff just to find someone to blame for their lack of success!

Regardless,  the fact is that today many people are challenging the 20th Century illusion “that you have to get a job and work hard for someone else all your life doing something you probably don’t like“.  They, like you, are taking control and creating personal success by becoming a home business entrepreneur.

Do we have the authority to give you the real truth about home based business?  Yes – because not only did we run a traditional business from home together for 25 years (our accountancy and management consultancy business) but Susan ran a business from home since 1983 long before we met.  And since late 2009 we have run an online home based business.  We have also written an Amazon best seller book called The Mindset Shift From Employee to Home Business Entrepreneur

In recent years there has been a big change in the way many traditional business are now operated with many employing staff who can work from home either part time or even full time (in fact our daughter works one day from home) so there is definitely nothing shady about working from home these days.  In fact it makes good economic sense.

Now home may not necessarily be your home – for many it may be their local Starbucks or favourite coffee shop, a hotel room or even some exotic location.  All of these work equally well provided you treat your home based business as a business.

cs-lifestyle-design-ebook-3-dTherein lies the first real truth about home based business.  Often times those who don’t succeed say it doesn’t work and it’s because they didn’t treat it as a business.  All the talk of “The Four Hour Work Week” and running a business from home in your pyjamas sounds very appealing but it does require focus and commitment to earn a living just like the JOB!

You can download our book “Lifestyle Design” for more information and ideas about a lifestyle business and read our article on Ways Of Making Money Online

The Real Truth About Home Based Business – The Future

The truth is that now more than ever new entrepreneurs and marketers are coming into the home based business industry and in particular the online home based industry in search of a way to create additional income streams and improve their quality of life. 

For some it could be to just make a few extra dollars. For others it could be to fire their boss and work from home.  For some like ourselves it’s an alternative to working until the end of our lives because we don’t have enough money in our pension pot.  This in itself is a very real problem for a lot of people especially those 50 plus and you will start seeing it talked about a lot more in the future.

The appeal of an online home based business for most is a way in which they can create complete financial and time freedom for themselves, create a lifestyle by design and truly live what is known as a laptop lifestyle.

Here are some of the key ares to consider before setting up your home based business and because our experience is of an online home based business that is what we will base our answers on.

Is A Home Based Business For YOU?

That’s the first question YOU need to answer because quite honestly it’s not for everyone.

In a recent Forbes article they suggest that being a home business entrepreneur is probably not for you if :-

  • You have a powerful aversion to deadlines. If you lose hours at work obsessively updating your Facebook profile or tracking your fantasy football team, just think what you might not accomplish without a boss and a few cubicle mates looking over your shoulder.
  • You have a slavish addiction to the “snooze” button on your alarm clock. If getting out of bed can be a struggle, keep your day job.
  • Your idea of organization is stashing things “over there somewhere.”
  • You crave water-cooler chatter–or at least the ambient hum of office activity (not to mention that raucously sodden holiday party).
  • You wilt in the wake of rejection.
  • When you really stop and think about it, you like the comfort of a two-week paycheck.

If that’s you then unless you have a very strong reason why or you have been forced into the position through redundancy, losing your job or like us your retirement fund then you should give it some very serious thought and find someone you trust to talk to before getting started.

Assuming you have made the decision then let’s give you some more information (speaking with our management consultant’s hats on)

What Are The Costs of A Home Based Business?

Depending on the type of business you’re building your start up costs can be anywhere from a few dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars.  You should not forget that as with any business there will be monthly overhead costs for various tools and resources to build your home based business and that aside of your “home” costs.

The Real Truth About Home Based Business


Investing the money to start your business is where it all begins … it’s the start of a journey and one requiring, education, commitment and focus.  People ask us all the time “will it work for me”  Think of it like a diet or exercise regime.  If you commit to it then yes it very probably will.

 How Easy Is It To Succeed In A Home Based Business?

As some very good friends and highly successful online home business entrepreneurs recently said “The greatest thing about the home based business industry is that anyone can get involved… the worst thing about the home based business industry is that anyone can get involved!”  That’s the real truth about home based business”

Why is that?  It’s because sadly the majority of people who get started in a online home business in particular will quit.  They think that it’s “easy” and requires little or no effort – that they can, to use a term we hate, “get rich quick“, drawn by spurious claims of income for no effort.  It couldn’t be further from the truth.  This myth is unfortunately perpetuated by unscrupulous and careless marketers who are just after a quick sale and will say and do anything to get it.

That being said YOUR success is up to YOU.

The true test of an entrepreneur is not how you handle yourself during the good times, but rather how you handle yourself during adversity because the reality is that many people are great at starting out as an online home business entrepreneur but don’t have the stamina or resourcefulness to sustain them on their journey.  

This is said not to put you off but to tell you the real truth of home based business.

It’s why our book The Mindset Shift will be your companion on your journey and the reason we wrote it for you.  To help you through those moments of doubt and fear and to help you focus on your goals and dreams.

The good news is that we’ve been where you want to go if you are reading this article and thinking of becoming a home business entrepreneur.  We can save you time sifting through all those “get rich quick” schemes because we’ve seen pretty much all of them. If they sound too good to be true they usually are – don’t worry we’ve been fooled just the same as every successful home business entrepreneur!

The Real Truth About Home Based BusinessIf you want to get started with a way of generating money from home using a turn-key system like this one where you can make up to $10,000 per customer then we have an offer for you because you have taken the time to read this post.

We want you to take this seriously so do go through the income goal questionnaire before watching the video and if you have any questions do get back to us.

If you make the decision to work with us then we will give you our book The Mindset Shift – From Employee to Home Business Entrepreneur as well as The Mindset Shift Goal Setting Success Secrets.  Both books are Amazon best sellers and we know they will be of great value to you on your journey into the home business arena as they guide you through changing your beliefs and defining your aspirations.  Overcoming your fears of dealing with the attitude of those around you and the myths and misconceptions of building a home based business as well as providing practical advice and exercises that will literally change your life.

Thanks for reading and welcome to our world.

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