About Your Dreams and Desires

About Your Dreams and Desires

About Your Dreams And DesiresAbout Your Dreams And Desires” is the story of a very ordinary man by the name of Kenny

Kenny is very likely just like you or you will at least resonate with his story …

We actually read this story “About Your Dreams and Desires” on a blog we subscribe to called Early To Rise and it struck a few chords with us listening to similar stories the past 10 days at the mastermind we are attending and speaking at here Mexico.  It goes like this ….

About Your Dreams And Desires – Kenny’s Story

Kenny was hungry. He was frustrated. He was broke. He wasn’t satisfied with where he was in life….

He turned these feelings into hunger for improvement and a burning desire for success.

Kenny wanted success and so he turned his energy towards good. He studied. He learned from his mentors and the masters, and he took action on what he was told to do

He went to work, studied hard …

You see it’s important to be clear about your dreams and desires like Kenny became clear on his. He became great at what he studies and now sells millions of  dollars worth of his information product to people all over the world. He’s already changed more lives than most people will after working for 40 years (and he’s only 25).

But it all started with his hunger to be good and his desire for success.

He wanted to help people more than anything, and now he has, and today his story is helping YOU as you’re reading this post

The world needs to hear the same story about YOU. It doesn’t matter that you’re frustrated or broke. You might be one of the above, or all, or none. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that you know you want to help people. But you don’t know how.

Fortunately, we have the answers for you.

It’s time for the world to hear YOUR story. It’s time for you to be clear about your dreams and desires. It’s time for the world to get YOUR solution in their hands so that you can help hundreds even thousands of people. People that you will never meet, but people that are better off because of you.

It’s something we realised very soon in our journey as entrepreneurs that they more people we could help the better our business became.

We now speak and train all around the world just like this past 10 days in Mexico where we have helped countless people from all walks of like and all ages begin their journey so they too can help others.

Whether you help people fix their marriages, buy the home of their dreams, lose weight and look great, get out of credit card debt, stop kids from getting bullied, or get into the college of their choice, it doesn’t matter … all of these solutions are delivered using the same internet system.

If you have your hands on that internet system then that’s how you can help.

For us providing education that enables people to become free and solve their problems is what we love … but not everyone is brave enough the take that step.

It doesn’t have to be something you design yourself.  You can become successful sharing someone else’s products and services just like we do.  There shouldn’t be anything standing in your way if you really want to change your life.

We hope as you read this post that you will be brave enough and will perhaps find this the moment you have been waiting for … that right time

Someone who inspires us and who’s quotes we often read says this …

“You must apply all the info you have – you can’t just gather information. You must take action. Many folks invest time and money in learning new skills but are still broke because they haven’t put them into use. Be an action taker, not an info gatherer. Don’t just talk. Do! Avoid self-sabotage. Get outside your comfort zone. Fail forward. Take responsibility for your success by being an action-taker. Those who don’t take personal responsibility and don’t take action will be in the same place 12 months from now, only a year older. That’s not good. I know you’re different and I know you are an action-taker. You want a better  life and you deserve it so go out and get it.” ~ Bedros Keuilian

So ask yourself this…

In 12 months from now, what will your life look like? Will you take the next step and join us and experience more progress than you ever have before?

You can be the next success story like Kenny if you decide to DO and don’t just talk like so many people

Your success story needs to be told.

Your time is now.

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