An Internet Minute – Make it Count

What Happens in An Internet Minute?

We know that the internet is the place to be and working online is the future but we were completely blown away with the facts presented on this image and what happens in an internet minute.

An Internet Minutes

So how do you make your Internet Minute count?

Regular content creation will definitely help you to become more visible online and it is important that you embrace this and publish content regularly about your business – make your internet minute count!  This will include articles which can be published on directories such as Ezine Articles , blog posting on your own authority site, guest blogging (blogging on someone else’s website), press releases on sites such as PRWeb and not forgetting social media.

All of the content you create must be include your key words so that a consistent picture can be built up about your business.  Therefore if your business is about ‘dog training’ then you need to ensure that your content is relevant to that niche and has the relevant key words such as dog training, dog training skills, dog training course, etc

In our niche which is ‘make money online’ this is more challenging given that the key words are highly competitive.  But, given that we train in this area we have a lot of opportunity to expand on these keywords such as ‘make money online business training‘, ‘how to make money online‘ etc    So you get the picture?  Your internet minute needs to work for you 24/7

Make your Internet Minute Count with Keywords!

Key words is a subject all of its own but to establish your keywords you can use the google keyword tool to test your own particular keywords

Google Keyword Tool

We also use a plugin for our wordpress blog called SEO Pressor to make sure that every blog post is well keyworded.  It’s probably the best tool that we have every purchased.

In this blog post the keywords we are using are ‘internet minute’


One of the easiest ways to share content is to write articles that can be published on highly ranked sites such as Ezine Articles.  Each article should contain your key words, be well written and interesting to your readers, be of 500-700 words (minimum) and of course have a link back to your website at the end of the article (referred to as a resource box).


If article writing is not your thing then this is something you can outsource – you can use a source such as or find someone on These people will write articles for you but you will need to give them direction and of course your keywords.  This is a great way to leverage your time and make your internet minute count.


blog definition

Blogging is a very powerful way to get your content seen in the world of the internet but just like the articles you write (content) it much be interesting, informative and of course have those all important keywords.  We have written a blog that will give you lots of tips and strategies on writing a blog post

You can also write blog posts on other people’s sites – called guest blogging.  If you are good at writing.  This will get you recognised as an authority in your niche and help you get more traffic to your website.  This is a fantastic way to get even more from your internet minute.

TIP We blog every day on a website called Empower Network which is a very highly ranked website so our content when published there gets us lots of traffic.  We highly recommend that you check this out and really get the most from your internet minute – your 60 seconds of internet fame.


Video is also a very powerful medium and likely to become The Most Important medium in the next few years since video is predicted to be contribute 90% of traffic by the year 2013.

Right now this is a great way to get traffic – we know because right now we are on page one of YouTube for our key words

You Tube Position Page One

We have not shown this to boast but to show you what is possible when you know how to use video marketing and apply your keywords.  Since video is the future of traffic we’re glad we started early!

Social Media and Bookmarking

Writing for social media requires some slightly different techniques.  If you are writing for Twitter for example you have only 14o characters to get your message across (called micro blogging)  You can use those characters wisely however by having a link to the content with just a headline.  You might for instance send your followers to a blog post like this or an article or a video.

Using Facebook, again you can can use the ‘notes‘ or ‘docs‘ tools to write contents.  In fact why not just publish your article content or your blog content as a ‘note’ or a ‘doc’.  After all you’ve already done the hard work – the writing.

Social bookmarking sites such as delicious and stumbleupon are also great places to bookmark content you have already written.

Content Syndication

Getting your content out onto the internet is essential and there are many different platforms that you can use to do this – some are paid and some are free.  Here are a few to get you started (there are hundreds of different places in truth)


Ask your friends & followers

Ask your website visitors, friends and followers to share your content using plugins on your website such as ‘share and follow‘ or ‘sexy bookmarks‘.  Everyone has their favourites and these are ours.   You can see at the bottom of this post we have included a call to action and asked for comments and sharing.

Now the great thing is that The Six Figure Mentors (The SFM) help you do all of this with great training on all aspects of lead generation and you can get yourself set up online in next to no time. You can check it out and get $500 worth of training here

We hope you enjoyed this blog on An Internet Minute and will leave us a comment and share on social media – every second counts … all 60 of them!

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