Blog Post Writing Secrets

Blog Post Writing Secrets

Blog post writing secrets

Blogging is a really good way of adding ongoing valuable content to your website but we want to make sure that you get the most from every single blog post and attract and keep visitors to your site.

Blog Post Writing

The aim with your blog post writing is to create a buzz on your website and draw your visitors to your site like the proverbial bees around a honeypot … and more than that  – to keep them coming back again and again.


Here are our blog post writing secrets to get you started straight away

The Headline

Your headline should be captivating and enticing enough for your readers to want to read more so spend time getting this right.  It is probably the most important of the blog post writing secrets. Curiosity plays an important part in choosing a good headline.  It’s the reason your reader will want to stay and find out more.

The Opening Paragraph

Make your opening paragraph interesting enough that your readers want to progress beyond your opening headline.   Tell them what to expect from your blog post and a reason why they should  keep reading.  It’s a bit like a summary of what they will expect from your blog post.

Using Keywords

Make sure that your blog post is keyword rich – that your keyword(s)  or keyword phrases are in your headline, your first paragraph, throughout your blog post and in your closing sentence.  The key words in this blog are “blog post writing“.  There is a fine balance when writing to include your keywords.

TIP – we use a wordpress plugin called SEOPressor – in fact we have used it to wrote this blog post and would thoroughly recommend it to anyone who is going to use blogging or article writing as a marketing strategy.  We write all of our articles on our blog using SEOPressor before submitting them to sites such as Ezine Articles.  Once the article is published then we go ahead and publish the blog post we prepared it on as well.

SEO Pressor* There was a reason for not adding “no follow” to our external links in this blog post

Make Your Words Count

Think of your visitors as individuals and write as if you were talking to them one on one – this is far more powerful and will draw your readers into your content.

Tell a story and bring your readers into the story – let them see themselves in the scene.  This is very powerful and done well it will bring back visitors time and again.  When you are writing more of a knowledge based blog post like this it is a bit more difficult but there are many instances where it can can work very well.

Images & Videos

Images make posts look colourful, attractive, interesting.  Look for  funny or interesting looking pictures or images as people love them and they make your post look more appealing.

Likewise having a video embedded into your blog post also makes it different, interesting and stands out.  Plus Google really likes video and will “visit” your site more often to check out your content especially if you do it regularly.

TIP – make sure that you link up your images to another blog post, a video or somewhere you would like your reader to go as some people do click on images!  You don’t want to miss the opportunity to send them to maybe a lead capture page or a link to get your free report etc.

Blog Contnet Image Formatting your blog post

Make sure that you use all the tools that wordpress give to you like boldface, italics, underline.  Also use sub headings, bullet pointing and numbering and quotations.  All of these things break up your blog post and make it far more appealing and easy on the eye of the reader.

“Your blog is your unedited version of yourself”

Internal Linking

If you have already written content that is relevant to the post you are writing or will enhance the post you are writing then make sure you link to this so that your readers can get a deeper experience of your knowledge of the subject you are writing about.

Here’s some information we wrote earlier on blogging.  This is to demonstrate the point – but actually it is very useful and will help you in your blogging endeavours.

Solve Your Readers Problems

This is really important.  Make sure that your blog post solves those all important problems of your reader.  You can do this by thoroughly researching forums in your niche – there is alwas a common thread to the problems that people are experiencing.  All you then have to do is present the answer in your blog post.

Say Thank You

Thank You Post

Remember to credit a source of information – they will love you for it and it helps build great relationships.   We would like to thank our good friend Mavis Nong for her knowledge that she so generously shares on blogging.  You can check out her website here

All that remains is for you to use these blog post writing secrets and get started creating great content your readers will love.

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