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Empower Network

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

If you are working online or looking to work online then you have probably heard of Empower Network or someone has sent you an email or contacted you on social media about it.  Let’s face it, when something is new then people jump on it like hot cakes and sometimes before they have really looked at it.  It’s called the ‘shiney object syndrome‘ or ‘magic button‘ syndrome – the latest, greatest thing.

This means unfortunately that they just SPAM you and tell you to get it without giving you a reason why or show you how it can benefit YOU.

We would like to redress the balance here and give you our review – the good, the bad and the ugly – so that you can make your own choice about it.

Empower Network – Our Story


We first heard about Empower Network towards the end of last year but we were not ready to spend any time looking at it.  Why?  Because we were focused on a project and didn’t want any distractions (apologies to everyone who sent us links and told us we should join – the time wasn’t right)

Empower Network - In Our Ideas Book

However, like all good marketers we put it in our ‘ideas to pursue‘ book and duly had it scheduled to look at when we went to France a couple of weeks ago.  We find a book like this invaluable as we often think of things (sometimes in the middle of the night!) and we don’t want to forget to go back to them.



We spent a good deal of time looking into Empower Network, reading reviews, checking out the founders – Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe – and speaking to other marketers whose opinion we trusted and who had the highest integrity.

The reason we do this is because we will never recommend something that we have not fully researched or used ourselves.

Of course our caveat is that you should always carry out your own research – that is imperative!

Our Business Model

It had to fit our business model and not only support it but add value to it – not just for us but for our students and subscribers who trust our judgement.

We recorded this video giving our reasons why we decided to join Empower Network – because we just find that video says it better

Watch Empower Network Video

Overview of Empower Network

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Empower Network is marketed to be an online money making system using a blog platform (WordPress).  The idea is that people who decide to join the Empower Network will have the ability to market anything they want on a blog that is  highly ranked and has thousands of visitors daily.  This is the entry level to the program – just $25 per month.

You can see our Empower Network Blog

If you want to make money from Empower Network (and why wouldn’t you) you need too become an affiliate. Just one customer will at the entry level will pay you $25 per month and cover the cost of your own account.

There are also other products that you can promote within the system.

The 100% Commission System

commission dollars

Let’s explain how it works as there is a lot of confusion surrounding these words “100% Commission”   What is means is that you get 100% of your sale (that means no deductions for anything).  And you get paid weekly which gives you that all important fast cash flow which is the life blood of any business.

The commission structure is set up in such a way that you do not personally get paid on every sale and this is where the confusion lies. Without going into great detail about the payment plan, you basically pass up sale No 2, sale No 4 and sale No 6 and thereafter every 5th sale. Is this good or bad? It’s brilliant…. because although at first glance you are losing sales you have to remember that your affiliates have to do the same thing and so you are getting paid on sales that you pesonally don’t make. This is real leverage and true passive income.

Most other systems normally only pay you a small percentage of each sale – usually about 20 – 25% tops and secondly, you don’t get to see your money for 30-60 days.  That can be really hard when you are just getting started so the weekly payment system of 100% commissions from Empower Network gives you immediate cashflow – cash to expand your marketing.

Now remember, you will be getting residual income from each member you personally introduce – that’s month on month as long as they remain a member. Plus residual income on some sales from your affiliates. Plus one off income of $500 or $1000 for each product sale.

The Upsells

How many times do we hear the words “we hate the upsells“.  Why?  Upsells are the life blood of any online business and you really need to get over this psychological barrier.  If you can’t then you shouldn’t be working online!  Seriously.

We agree that historically some unscrupulous marketers would create upsells that had no real additional value and were there just to get you to spend more money. The Empower Network “upsells” are truly products that will provide you with training and information that will not only help you grow your business faster but earn you substantial more income as well. The price of these products is well below their actual true value.

The Empower Network products are:-

  • Inner Circle – $100 per month
  • $15K Formula – $1000 (one time payment)
  • Costa Rica Intensive – $500 (one time payment)

As an affiliate of Empower Network you get the 100% commissions on these as well on the same basis as the $25 product.  As with most affiliate systems you have to purchase the product yourself to earn any commissions on it.

Lead Generation

Empower Network Lead CaptureEmpower Network is set up to enable you to plug in your own autoresponder and that means that every email collected from sharing the Empower Network videos adds  a subscriber to YOUR list so you can build a relationship, provide more information on Empower Network and ultimately make more sales.

If you don’t have an autoresponder – get one (the simplest & best is Aweber – click here) as building a list of subscribers who are interested in what you do is the the best asset you can ever have in your business.

How much money can you make?

Well that’s the million dollar question and it’s all down to marketing.  However we have seen the real results from people we trust – not just screen shots of earnings but real time earnings.   We didn’t ask to see them – they just showed them to us.  Whether you are looking to earn an extra $1-2,000 dollars a month or a six figure income all comes down to your focus, your effort and marketing.

Working with established and recognised marketers who will help you grow your marketing skills will be of great benefit to you – especially if you are new to working online. In Empower Network it is in everyone’s interest to help other affiliates in their team make more sales. Mores sales equals more income.

How to Turbo Charge Your Online Business

We’ve been through the training and have got our Empower Network blog up and running and that is just the start.

You can use the “search engine power” of the Empower Network blog to generate traffic for this or any other business you may be involved with – an MLM, Network Marketing Business, Direct Sales or other affiliate product.

More traffic = more leads = more sales

Blogging with the “right” tools makes a big difference. And blogging with the “right” training makes it even better – our blogging training is second to none.

That’s exciting for anyone building an online business.

Attraction Marketing

One thing we are going to say here is that over time you should really build your own brand and authority site – we have ChrisAndSusanBeesley.com With your own authority website you can build up your very own presence online and promote absolutely anything you like.

This is a core principle in building an online business and one that we absolutely recommend.

Now here’s the bonus – you can use Empower Network to help rank your own authority site and that’s very exciting.

We’ve given you all the facts about Empower Network as we see it – now it’s up to you … just watch the video.


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