Are You The Next Apprentice?

The latest series of The Apprentice here in the UK is due to start rolling out on 21st March and it got us thinking about why these guys put themselves forward to be tortured by Lord Alan Sugar week after week.

Now you might say that they are not ‘ordinary’ people but in fact they are.  What differentiates them from everyone else is the fact that they have the determination to succeed and be No. 1  They fought their way through the selection process to get on the program in the first place and many of them have given up the security of their job just for this opportunity.

What are they going to face during the course of the program?

They are going to face challenges, things they have never done before (and worst of all to be humiliated by Alan Sugar in the boardroom).  It all makes great television we hear you say.  Yes of course it does but there is also a message there.

That message is that they are determined to stay the course and do what it takes to achieve their ultimate goal – to become The Apprentice 2012. They are not going to give up when something doesn’t work out.  They are absolutely determined to fight through to the end.

The Apprentice Contestants 2012Do You Recognise Yourself Amongst Them?

You should because they are really just ordinary people like you and like us who have made a decision to “Go For It”!

We will tell you just like Lord Sugar, ‘it’s not easy’ in fact it is often tough, but it is possible to achieve your dream if you have the determination to do so.

Unfortunately, in a world of instant gratification many people expect instant results and too easily give up when the going gets tough.  We’ve certainly been through that learning curve and make no mistake, it happens to everyone.

So our question to you is “Are You The Next Apprentice?”

Do you really want to start your own online business and live the life you deserve?  To work amongst those who have already ‘been there and done it‘ and those who, like you are learning the skills with the help of a community of like minded people.

Anyone can start an online business provided they are prepared to become an apprentice in that business.  That means in simple terms to be prepared and willing to learn and to be coachable.  These are the key skills reguired for all students of The Six Figure Mentors – the online portal for internet business apprentices.  And the bonus …. you earn as you learn.

In order to find out all you need to do is complete this Application , answer the questions honestly and one of our team will get back to you to let you know if you could become our next apprentice.

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PS  We don’t just want ONE apprentice – we want to see lots of apprentices so please help us share the word by clicking on any of the links below and getting the word out there.






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