How to Attract Buyers in Under Four and a Half Minutes

How to Attract Buyers in Under Four and a Half Minutes

How To Attract Buyers

Its February 2013 and we’re in Egypt with Susan’s Mum.  She’s an authority on Egypt and made sure we went on a day trip to see The Valley of The Kings and The Valley of The Queens.  As usual with these things they like to take you somewhere to buy some of the local souvenirs…

We went to an alabaster factory.  Before we went in our guide introduced us to the owner and Chris secretly filmed what happened next …..

Having watched back the video it provides some expert training on how to build a relationship with your customers and is a structure you should use in all communication.

After you have watched the video see if you an recognise the key points

How To Build A Relationship With Your Customers

Here are the key points:-

1.  Pattern Interrupt – an action that makes you viewer/reader take notice and think “what’s going on here” – they want to continue viewing/reading.  It started with dancing and singing.

2.  Build Rapport / Relationship – engage your customers and bring them into the situation – he asked everyone where they came from, had some fun with the guy from Wales and then told the story about his Grandmother coming from Yorkshire.

3.  Show Your Product – he showed you raw alabaster and then examples of what it could be made into and what they meant.  He also explained why you should buy from him “because you get the real stuff” and not plastic or other imitations.

4.  Give Something Away For Free – he gave a tiny piece of alabaster to each of the ladies

5.  Tell a Story – the guy intermingled stories throughout his presentation

6.  Call to Action – he took us into the ‘Alabaster Factory’ which was no more than a shop where he proceed to encourage you to buy.

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Work With Chris And Susan

How to Attract Buyers in Under Four and a Half Minutes



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