Moonshot Thinking

Moonshot Thinking

 moonshot thinking

What is Moonshot Thinking?

” Our ambitions are a glass ceiling in what we can accomplish – when you find your passion you are unstoppable – you can make amazing things happen – that is moonshot thinking”

What Are Moonshots?

Moonshots live in the grey area between audacious technology and pure science fiction. Instead of a mere ten percent gain, a moonshot aims for a 10 times improvement over what currently exists. The combination of a huge problem, a radical solution to that problem, and the breakthrough technology that just might make that solution possible, is the essence of a moonshot.

There are many instances of this from history and inspired by space exploration and in particular the decision to land on the moon.  In the following video you will hear from two people who take you through that journey and give you an illustration of what we mean by moonshot thinking.

Moonshot Thinking – The Video


Moonshot Thinking : Everyone else in the world is working on the next ten percent.  If you can be the one that delivers that ten times improvement you have a chance to really change things ….. you need a lot of courage in this work and you need a lot of persistence.

One of the things that is really critical is not only having the courage to keep trying every day or thinking big.  Even if you don’t really 100% believe its possible, like … you might think this might be possible – have the courage to try, that’s how the greatest things have happened”

We chose to go the mooon in this decade and do the other things … not because they are  easy but because they are hard. That’s moonshot thinking! There is huge achievement in cracking something that is hard.

You need to have moonshot thinking”.  Why?  Because “we are a moonshot species ….. that’s the really poetic and inspiration thing”. Our ambitions are a glass ceiling in what we can accomplish – when you find your passion you are unstoppable – you can make amazing things happen.  It’s been the truth in all history – you saw the video so you know this to be true.

The narrator goes on to say …..

“I believe in the human spirit and I believe there are always going to be crazy people who’ll get out of bed one morning and say ‘ you know what – I think I can …..’

This video was created for the launch of SolveForX

This combination of things – a Huge Problem to solve, a Radical Solution for solving it, and Breakthrough Technology to make it happen – is the essence of a technology moonshot.

What is your X?

Create a profile (a blog like this is good) and declare your “X” — what are you passionate about solving for in your community? In your life? In the world? What do you want to be part of solving, changing or improving?

A blog is a wonderful place to express your voice – just like we do.  (This is just one of them)  We are passionate about personal development, inspiration and training and we use our blog to communicate with the world)

Hope you were inspired by this video as much as we were and we would love to know your passion and what you thought …

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Moonshot Thinking

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