Becoming An Online Affiliate Marketer

Becoming An Online Affiliate Marketer

Becoming An Online Affiliate MarketerBecoming An Online Affiliate Marketer : Now that you’ve learned what affiliate marketing is (What Is Affiliate Marketing) and you’ve decided that you want to become an online affiliate marketer (the easiest option to get started with in our opinion) it’s time to see what your next steps are to get set up and start making money online referring other people’s products and services that are a good fit for your target market or niche.

Let’s look in a little more detail about the tools and resources you will need to create long term sustainable success as an online affiliate marketer…we touched on them in our last post if you remember but they’re important so we’ll recap for you.

Becoming An Online Affiliate Marketer – Components, Tools & Resources

Build A List

Email is still one of the best marketing channels today, so don’t miss out on it… that means to use email marketing you need to build a list of people interested in your subject (niche). There are many different programs you can use but we recommend Aweber for beginners as their training is first class and it’s easy to use.

Now you know there is software to manage your communication the question is “how do I get a subscriber?”  This is something we get asked a lot and cover extensively in our workshops but let’s look at some simple ways

  • Offer a cheat sheet or book on a topic of interest (called a lead magnet)
  • Run a webinar
  • Run a Facebook Live

Even with a small number of people on your list, you can create significant interest and sales of your products and services… just make sure that you keep your audience engaged, by sending them regular updates, ideally once or twice a week.

Don’t make it all about sales… let them know when you have a new review relevant to them coming up, a story, testimonials etc.  Of course each time you write an article like this you should email it out.

How do we get the email subscriber then?

Let’s look at webinars to start with and how you can educate your audience (and make a sale)

In fact the principles are the same for any offer where you want to collect a subscriber’s details and we use a program called Lead Pages

So if we want to promote a webinar we would create a lead capture page using LeadPages and link it to our Aweber Account where we build our list

There are many different webinar programs to choose from but our favourite is ZOOM and you just subscribe to the most appropriate for your business so it can grow with you (you can start with the free version).

You can also use Google Hangouts and Facebook Live meaning you can stream your webinar live to your audience totally free.  This is a webinar using Zoom and streamed live on Facebook at the same time 🙂

C&S Webinar Pic

C&S Zoom Sharon Lechter

Webinars are great to engage with your audience one on one, show them the product hat you’re promoting live and answer any questions that they might have and you are building your list at the same time plus making sales on the webinar

You can:

  • present the product’s features
  • show different uses of the product
  • talk about its benefits
  • tell people your personal history with the product/service

PPC advertising

One of the other ways to build your affiliate marketing business is to use paid advertisingNow there are multiple places you can do this from Google to Bing but our favourite is Facebook.  However you should not begin using these until you have a budget and have learned the basics as errors can be costly!

But just to give you some ideas you can use PPC advertising to:

  • get people to sign up for your webinar
  • grow your email list
  • promote a lead magnet
  • make sales

In most cases, you are best to us PPC to get sign-ups to your email list and we have found that promoting lead magnets and getting people to sign up for a webinar is the best way to go because

  • They’ll be on your email list and you can contact them again in the future
  • There’s a good chance that they’ll attend your webinar or read your book (which has links to your affiliate product in it)
  • You can put them on an autoresponder email sequence that encourages them to buy in the future as you solve their problem for them

Affiliate Marketing Education

We couldn’t conclude this article without drawing your attention to the most significant aspect of achieving success through becoming an online affiliate marketer without mentioning how important it is to get the right skillset to optimise your time and your marketing budget in your business.  Without it you are pretty much throwing yourself into the fire and you will get burned!

We have different solutions available but if it is specifically affiliate marketing education you are looking for then we recommend this program

It’s easy to follow step by step modular training with a personal coach to help you achieve your goals

We hope you have found this of value and we conclude by saying that in our opinion, affiliate marketing is a good way to get started with online marketing

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