Top Reasons For Building An Online Business

Top Reasons For Building An Online Business

Top Reasons For Building An Online BusinessTop Reasons For Building An Online Business : Running an online business can be an exciting thought, especially when you think about the “passiveness and location freedom” of it – how it doesn’t restrict you with working when, where and how you want.

There are many different reasons that people look at for building an online business but we started ours because we had reached a certain age (we were in our mid-fifties), saw time marching on and there were places we wanted to see and things we wanted to do.  On top of that we had to find a way to generate an income to top up our retirement savings we lost in the 2008 recession.  We share this to give you hope that whatever the reason you are looking at building an online business age should definitely not be any barrier!

We dreaded the thought of working for clients and tied to the UK for the rest of our lives and waiting until I were able to retire and enjoy our lives (if we could retire even!)

So we had to do something about it…

Top Reasons For Building An Online BusinessIt was 2008 and we had just lost a considerable amount of money due to the recession hitting our pension nest egg.  It was about this time that we had begun researching on the internet for business and marketing training for our consultancy clients and discovered quite by coincidence that we could in fact transfer our skills to an online business.  Now it didn’t all happen right away to be fair because our income from our consultancy was necessary to support our family…but it did sow the seed of possiblity and maybe reading this article will do that for you too.

We began researching (we all it due diligence in the accounting world) and found that there was a way we could begin to build our online business whilst still working full time in our consultancy business.

Within six months of working full time on our consultancy business and part time in our online business we had proved it was possible and we’ve not looked back since.  There is nothing like having back that family time, being able to book a flight somewhere at short notice or take a skiing trip when the snow is good …

Here’s The Top Reasons For Building An Online Business

Location, Location, Location

No matter which country we’re in, we we’re able to work as long as we have our laptops and an internet connection.  You hear people talk about it all the time and wonder if it’s some “hyped up” statement but honestly it is possible and it is what we do.  Unlike a traditional brick and mortar business, you don’t need to physically be at a specific location to do business, unless your business is in consulting and meeting clients face-to-face which of course ours once was.

Time Freedom and Flexibility

To Reasons For Building An Online BusinessUp until we started our research we had never come across any type of business that would allow you to work whenever you want. Having an online business has given us the freedom to work the hours we want to (and no more clients demanding our time and attention).  We set the days and the hours we work so that we can do the things we love rather than someone else controlling where our time goes.  As we said earlier, you can still be working your 9-5  and start an online business part time.

A Global “Open All Hours” Business

With a website and due to the internet you can tap into a global market and never again have to restrict yourself to customers in a fixed location (how we hated that)  Set up correctly to sell for you your website can deliver products and services worldwide with easy access to the tools and resources that do that for you.

Minimual Start Up Costs

If you have an online business where there are no physical products for instance (that’s what we do) the start up costs can be very low.  There are some essentials but you can get started for well under a few hundred dollars, the proviso being dependent on the business model that you choose.  That’s why affiliate marketing fits the bill for our online business.

Top Reasons For Building An Online BusinessOutsourcing

Inspired by The Four Hour Work Week we realised that we didn’t need to do everything ourselves and there were more talented people do so so.  Things like building websites, creating ebooks, etc  In fact there are recognised sites like UpWork and Fiverr where you can pay to have just about anything done for you.  Why have a dog and bark yourself as my Dad used to say!  In the context of running a location free business we couldn’t agree more.

It’s a Lifestyle Choice

Whether you’re someone who’s currently in the 9-5 or run their own business like we used to do and you really want to set yourself free then honestly an online business should definitely be something to consider.  Bearing in mind you can start part time and test the water why wouldn’t you?

And the all important disclaimer… there is no such thing as overnight success!  You will have to put in work and effort and learn some new skills so make sure that you are willing to do that

For people in or approaching retirement setting up an online business is definitely worthwhile considering… after all who wants to be working a job until the end of their days!

More on that in another article

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