Best Ways To Use PLR In Your Business

Best Ways To Use PLR In Your Business

Best Ways To Use PLR In Your BusinessWe wanted to share with you some of the best ways to use PLR in your business because whatever your business you need to have some kind of front end offer that attracts the right kind of client or prospect.

This is one of the best ways to use PLR in your business and one that we use.

What Does PLR Stand For

PLR is short for Private Label Right and is basically a special type of license for a product that lets you modify it, use it and resell it as if it were your own. There are millions of PLR products out there in the marketplace so you will never be short of ideas whatever your niche

Using our specific business in the online business education niche, we know that to be successful begins with having a positive mindset and self-belief so if we offer our potential clients a product that will help them achieve that some of them will look at our primary business.

Now we could have created the product ourselves but that takes a lot of time and effort and for a newbie entrepreneur it’s not easy (we know we’ve created our own products in the past).  That’s definitely one of the best ways to use PLR in our opinion

The Best Ways To Use PLR In Your Business – Free Gifts

Let’s say you want a free gift to give away to people visiting your website and you don’t want to take the time or invest the money (or maybe you don’t have the skills) to make a completely unique product but you still need something to give away.  That’s where PLR comes in.  It truly is one of the best ways to use PLR in your business in our opinion.

We’ve got multiple give PLR give-aways like this to attract leads and prospects and as our business is all about business education they need to be in the “entrepreneur/business” niche so including personal development, social media training, affiliate marketing training, list building training etc

TIP : These days prospects will not part with their name and/or email address without you offering something very valuable to them.

We’ve got numerous PLR products we can use in this way (all which lead into our primary business) and quite honestly because we get them from a reliable source and know they are good quality it’s one of the best ways to use PLR in your business.  We find that eBooks work very well and when you buy a quality PLR you get multiple graphics you can use to change up and make it unique and look just right for your perfect client.

This means that from a business perspective you can build a good relationship with your future clients and prospects by delivering them first class information and as a consequence they are far more likely to look at your primary business or what we call your “back end” products.

The bottom line is that there are a lot of different types of PLR and you have to decide what is the best way to use PLR in your business just as we do

Here’s some ideas for you

  • Sell the product for say $47-$97 and keep 100% of the profits from every sale.
  • Put the content in a private membership site and charge a monthly fee to members.
  • Use the material as training for your webinars, etc.
  • Give it away as a high-quality bonus to your products.
  • Rebrand and publish the products offline! (CD, DVD, home study course, seminar material, etc)
  • Use it to train your assistants, employees or freelancers without any “work” on your part.
  • Give it away for free to build your opt-in list.
  • Change it up and put your name as the author!
  • Use the training yourself; learn from the info and make money by taking action and implementing the steps.
  • Break the content down into smaller articles, blog posts, social media posts, or even ebooks/reports to sell.

Good luck with creating your first “give-away“, product or course using PLR and do come back and let us know how you got on

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Until next time…

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Best Ways To Use PLR In Your Business

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