Knowledge Business Blueprint Review

Knowledge Business Blueprint Review

Knowledge Business Blueprint ReviewKnowledge Business Blueprint Review : In this article we’re going to share with you our review of the Knowledge Business Blueprint known for short as KBB.  We’re not writing this review as one of those who reviews ‘things‘ based on hearesay as you so often see or to send the reader to another offer.  We just don’t work like that; it’s not our style and if you are a regular visitor to our website you know that.  However to be 100% transparent, we are affiliate marketers and this page contains affiliate links meaning if you purchase a product through one of them, we will receive a commission (at no additional cost to you). We only ever endorse products that we have personally used and benefitted from personally 🙂

Entrepreneurs today operate in a business world that’s different from their parents’. Years ago everyone had a job that defined them but today it’s very different and the self education explosion has opened up all kinds of opportunities for people of all ages but especially those like ourselves in the second stage of life with so much knowledge at our fingertips.  We realised back in 2009/10 that an online business leveraging our existing knowledge and the knowledge of others was what would sustain our future and provide a rich retirement – not in terms of income but doing something we were passionate, having an impact on other people’s lives and about and leaving a legacy.

With advent of the internet, and the cost of higher education  there is a growing movement toward self-education today. This trend is expected to explode as we approach 2020 and beyon

What Is The Knowledge Business Blueprint Course?

The Knowledge Business BlueprintKBB as it’s known for short  is best summarised as a game changing new self-learning system consists of two components:

  • The Knowledge Business Blueprint Course
  • Mindmint Software

The two big name people behind this learning system who you will instantly recognise are Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi.

The course shows people everything they need to know to extract their knowledge, fill an event and make sure it runs smoothly for a huge profit while the software handles all of the logistics. There was literally (according to sources) $500k spent to produce the software alone to make running a successful e-learning and mastermind effortless so who wouldn’t want access to that!

But The Knowledge Business Blueprint is not just for people who want to run masterminds and events (we’ve run both albeit on a smaller scale and we can tell you it’s a very steep learning curve and we wished we had received this kind of training without having to figure it out ourselves!) It’s for people who have a skill, knowledge, expertise, passion or hobby they want to know how to create a business and generate an income from as well as what we would call ‘the icing on the cake‘, people who want to leverage the knowlege of other people- a knowledge broker.  That of course is what we as affiliate marketing entrepreneurs do and we have personally been doing since we began our online business.

Inside the Knowledge Business Blueprint

There are four modules inside the Knowledge Business Blueprint course and each module is broken down into trainings each with a video training, notes, MP3, PDF and tools to help you create success from what you have learned

Whilst the titles may seem on the face of it strange the content inside of each is outstanding and whilst the course was originally designed to help people with knowledge create masterminds and events there is far more to it than you can imagine… and let’s not forget a mastermind or event can be online not just a physical event!


So often we meet wanabee entrepreneurs who just don’t get past step one in setting up their business because they don’t understand the basic concepts of commitment to a business, clarity of their purpose and the belief they can achieve the results they desire.

Module one of The Knowledge Business Blueprint (KBB) is taught by the master – Tony Robbins and is first clas,s spoken from the heart not some scripted training.  We’ve spent tens of thousands of dollars on courses and our education but can say with certainty this is going to be a turning point for people who have not had success before because Module 1 is all about the mindset behind success.  We’ve always been passionate about this aspect of any business and was the first book we every wrote because without it how can any entrepreneur take that leap from the conditioned employee mindset.

If you can’t quite get to grips with the concept we wrote an earlier article “The Advantages Of A Knowledge Based Business” which should put this into perspective.  Why now is the best time to take advantage of the information age and the massive shift towards self education.

If you want to find out more about the course and whether this would be something you want to be a part of join us Tony, Dean and Russell for a LIVE Webcast on 30th April

Get the information straight from those who have created this amazing The Knowledge Business Blueprint course and Mindmint software

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