Breakthrough with Tony Robbins

A Breakthrough is a moment in time when the impossible becomes possible.  When something happens that shapes you, that moves you.  Maybe you meet someone that inspires you. Maybe it’s a tool or a strategy that you learn.  Maybe you finally get so fed up you won’t settle for the life that you have any more.  It’s when something inside of you clicks and everything changes.  You take massive action and you transform your life.

“Breakthrough” with Tony Robbins premiered on NBC yesterday, the first of six primetime specials.  In this episode, Tony follows Frank and Kristen Alioto, a couple whose wedding night turned tragic after Frank suffered a swimming pool accident that rendered him a quadriplegic. With Tony Robbins’ help, Frank learns to overcome his limitations and reclaim his life and marriage.


We’re living in extraordinarily difficult times.  Every day we read and experience more tragedy.  We’re focused on things we can’t control, whether it’s the economy, the oil spill or unemployment.  Here’s a chance for you, your friends and family to witness how quickly a life can change for the better.  For the first time on Prime Time television, Tony is demonstrating how to take good people who got a raw deal, whose lives have been seemingly crushed, on a 30-day journey of complete transformation.

This is some pretty amazing stuff to take in and there is more to come ……..

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