Follow Your Dream – The World is Your Oyster

The world truly is your oyster if you follow your dream

In this video Ron G Holland , one of the leading exponents on the subject of thinking and non thinking gives his advice to Kevin.  ‘Kevin’ could be any one of you!


We were lucky enough to meet Ron in person  and he receive a signed a copy of his book “The Eureka! Enigma” – The 7 Keys to Realizing Your Dreams.

One of the greatest coincidences we discovered whilst listening to Ron’s story was that he and Susan spent their childhood and school days not a million miles from each other.

So why was it that Ron out of hundreds of children went on to become one of Britain’s leading motivational speakers and entrepreneurs?

As Ron says ” it’s all about programming your own kneck- top computer

Here are just a few tips for you taken from Ron’s book and we hope they will help you to “programme your kneck-top computer”:-

  • You have to proactively create your own space for mind power to work
  • The key to unlocking your biocomputer is you – get into action and kick start your biocomputer
  • Money, success, love and happiness all manifest themselves from the action of programming your biocomputer correctly
  • There is no one stopping you from springing into action but you
  • Eliminate everything and anything that stops you from engaging in action
  • When ideas present themselves, act on them
  • Stop kidding yourself – and start getting into action!

Take Action Now

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