Where Do You Find Content For Your Audience

Where Do You Find Content For Your Audience

Where Do You Find Content For Your AudienceToday’s question comes from someone new to the online business world and he asks “where do you find content for your your audience

It’s not an uncommon question and to be honest one that we asked ourselves when we began our online business

It seems like everyone around you knows what to do and what to say except you and you don’t want to copy other people’s stuff.

That brings us to the first place to find content for your audience –  GOOGLE!  We remember Tony Robbins saying one time that almost everything on the internet has come from someone else but what makes it different is your perspective on it.

We recorded a video answering the question “where do you find content for your audience” and below the video you will find links to some of our favourite resources to help your content creation journey

Where To Find Content For Your Audience

Before you begin creating content for your audience we strongly suggestion that you define who your audience is otherwise it can all go horribly wrong (we’ve been there and done that)  You cannot appeal to everyone so once you’ve got that right you can go ahead and create content for your audience.



Questions Sites

Niche Sites

PLR (Private Label Rights)

Just search Google to find PLR content – there’s a lot of it.  Once you find a provider you like then stick with them like we do.

Then of course there is YouTube, and Google plus of course looking at emails from the experts or people you respect in your niche as well as Facebook (pages and personal timelines) or Linkedin updates

There is nothing wrong with sharing good content with your audience as it shows you as the expert.

Your job is to write the content putting your own personality into it in the form of blogs, videos, audios, creating PDF’s, slide presentations.  In fact just about anything your audience will consume that addresses a problem they have to which you have the solution.

Formula For Success in providing content for your audience (leading to sales naturally) :

  • Define Your Audience
  • Engage Your Audience
  • Sell To Your Audience

If you are using images in any of your content make sure to either choose images where you have the licence (like the image we have used in this blog post we purchased from Shutterstock) or get quality licence free images

If you are using social media you need to think about where your audience hang out before you create content for your audience there.  We have a Social Media Guide you can request by leaving a comment below this blog

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