Empower Network Doesn’t Work

Empower Network – It Doesn’t Work!

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It’s absolutely TRUE – we know because we had an email yesterday from one of our former Empower Network team members …. now we are not going to reveal names here but this is what he said

“….. stop sending me stuff …. I already paid you for the system and it doesn’t work

Now we think we have a good relationship with our team and our subscribers for that matter – in fact we know we do because very few people ever ‘unsubscribe‘ from our list and we get loads of emails in response to broadcasts and very few are ever quite like this.

Now we wanted to answer this guy’s email and to explain how to ‘unsubscribe’ from an autoresponder ……. that there’s a link at the bottom of every message which says ‘click here to unsubscribe’ Love that – after all why pay to send messages to people who don’t want them (thank you AWeber)

We digress ……. we tracked him down on our team list and sure enough he’s a Basic Level Member – he’s got the $25 Blogging Platform. Great place to start.

Our next stop was to see what the guy had been doing and perhaps offer some helpful suggestions. We hate to see anyone FAIL. It’s just not in our nature.

What did we find? NOTHING …. absolutely NOTHING. His website was naked – just like it looks the day you register before you start blogging.

So here’s the thing – what did he expect? If you do nothing the results are directly proportionate to that NOTHING!

Now this is not unusual – many people buy systems and program because at the time they are what they want ….. or buying STUFF satisfies an ‘itch‘ – makes them feel better for a while. Then they buy something else and the ‘itch‘ gets satisfied once again. For some people this goes on for a very long time until something MAKES them take ACTION.

In fact we have seen it inside other programs that we work with …. it’s sad but true.

We know exactly what that is like because 3 years ago we invested $4000 in a program because we wanted to change our life and have the freedom to do as we wanted when we wanted.

And guess what? Stuff got in the way – we were still working full time in our management consultancy business and we were very busy with clients. The downside – we just didn’t have enough hours in the day or any time to take holidays and enjoy the things we loved.

straw that broke the camels back

It finally came to a head when our two week skiing holiday got cancelled because a client wanted us to put in their computer system. It was the straw that broke the camel’s back to be honest. That was the trigger for us, the catalyst that made us decide ‘NO MORE‘ – we wanted a life and freedom and we were not going to put up with the current status quo.

So we gave our clients 6 months notice and during that time worked part time to learn the skills of internet marketing and build an online business …… it wasn’t easy – we had challenges but we did it and we’ve never looked back.

So that’s it really ….. bit of a rant …. but think you can see where this is going.

Does Empower Network WORK? Yes it does if you treat it as a business and put time and effort into it – follow the training – take the action – make sales – make money.

Sounds SIMPLE …. and it is honestly but it really is down to YOU and only YOU.

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