Social Media vs SEO Part II

Social Media vs SEO Part II

In the previous post we looked at the advantages and disadvantages of SEO – Search Engine Optimisation.

In this post we are going to look at the advantages and disadvantages of Soci

al Media and conclude the blog series.

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Advantages of Social Media

# 1 Social Media can help your SEO

Inbound links to your website are very good and are just like a ‘vote’ for your website. So when you get social shares of your content this is the equivalent of a vote. Google likes to give people what they want so if people are voting for your content then this is going to automatically improve your SEO.

#2 Builds Strong Relationships

As the word ‘social’ media suggests – building of personal relationships is a great marketing strategy – imagine the reach of a conversation which is liked and spread across facebook for instance. It’s powerful and effective

#3 Duplicatable Content Across Networks

One set of content can be spread across different networks – Facebook, Google +, condensed into a Tweet, bookmarked on Stumbleupon etc. All link back to the same original content.

# Targeted Networks

You can target the specific networks that fit your business. Linkedin for instance is great for B2B organisations whiles B2C works best on Facebook. It’s ‘horses for courses‘ as they say.

# 5 User Generated Content Provides Social Proof

People are making buying decisions based on user generated content – reviews for instance. People go to read reviews on Trip Advisor before booking a holiday for instance. It’s the same on Facebook – people listen to what others say about products and services and you need to be in the conversation.

Disadvantages of Social Media

#1 Content is Essential

To increase your social media presence and see effective results you have to produce regular and relevant content. Content that is interesting, pleasing to the eye and enough of a ‘teaser‘ to have the viewer/reader go from a tweet to your website or a tweet to your facebook page and then to your website. Content creation takes time.

#2 Social Media Success takes time

For you to see results in your social media activities you have to invest time and it grows over time. It won’t happen overnight.

#3 Social Media Content is Time Stamped

Social media content expires relatively quickly – tweets are gone in the blink of an eye and the stream in Facebook moves at lightening speed and your posts may not be seen at all.

# Social Media Monitoring Takes Time

If you want to monitor your activities in Social media it will take time to set up given there are som many – yes of course there are monitoring tools but you need to spend time checking it and understanding it.

So …. which is it to be SOCIAL MEDIA or SEO?

Actually we believe they work hand in hand and you need both …… and the good thing is that they both rely on quality content. Neither social media nor SEO can survive without a stream of quality content. Without content there is nothing for the Google spiders to pick up and index in serach engines which means they will not visit your website frequently. And of course no content means you have nothing to share on social media so your followers and fans will stop engaging with you. In fact, the search engines are now weighting social shares of content much more heavily – Google introduced Google + for a reason!

Check out this video we watched just recently …. it opens up all sorts of possibilities

In the next blog post we are going to be looking at Attraction Marketing ….. until then

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