Social Media Vs SEO Part I

Social Media Vs SEO

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The million dollar question – “Which is Best for Your Marketing?

As online business owners (in fact any business owner) we all want to get as much traffic as possible to our website – to the top of your funnel as we call it and better still to have it overflowing! But the question is with limited time which is best for your marketing – social media or SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) if you have to choose.

Will SEO give you a better impact or is social media the place to spend your time for maximum results. To answer that let’s look at what SEO and Social Media are good for – the advantages and disadvantages – what they are good for and where they fall short. Only then can you decide which tactics are right for you.

In this post we are going to look at the advantages of SEO and in a follow up post we will look at Social Media

Social Media Vs SEO Chris and Susan Beesley

Advantages of SEO for Marketing

# Creating Content

Onoe thing is certain and that is that constant content creation is essential for good SEO and if you do little else with your SEO other than blog using the keywords important to your business you will see significant gains but it won’t be immediate.

#2 Long Term Gains- Keywords and Longtail Keywords

SEO content gives back over time and it just keeps on giving. When you create a web page / page on your website it becomes indexed in the search engines and will return as a result in those search engines for years to come. So if you write a blog post for example that is well keyworded you will be repaid in the long term for what is few hours of effort and writing – it will drive traffic and leads for years to come – great ROI! TIP Long tail keyword phrases give targetted results.

# SEO is Easier Thank You Think

Google’s algorithms have always been difficult to fathom unless you are an expert – and they keep getting smarter. First there was the Panda update and now the Penguin update but the good news is that this looks favourably on GOOD CONTENT being provided for readers rather than heavily keyworded content provided just for search engines (you’ve probably seen some of this in articles that really don’t make a lot of sense but are stuffed full of keywords).

The great news is that as a business owner you don’t need to rely on those ‘tricks’ and whilst there is some good technical SEO you can do on your website the content you create is much more important.

Disadvantages of SEO for Marketing

# SEO Takes Time

Naturally, providing good content takes time because you want it to last for years to come – that means research and well written content – doing this on a regular basis can be overwhelming if you are doing it yourself

# Technical SEO is Still Necessary

Content creation will get you a long way but there is are technical strategies that will make it better for you – best to invest in an expert to do this unless you know how to do it.

# Different Search Engines

There is more than just GOOGLE to consider – there’s Bing, Yahoo and many other small niche search engines all with different rules to follow.

# No Control

So much of SEO is totally out of your control. You can do as much as you can on-page but off-page means generating inbound links and that is a lot harder and not within your control.

# Upkeep

You have to keep in the picture of what is going on in the SEO world and to consistently create and publish optimised content and generate inbound links or your ranking will slip.

In the next blog post we will be covering Social Media …… until then

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