The Power of Evidence – It Matters

The Power of Evidence

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Last night we were listening to a coaching call and what was being discussed was the importance of ‘evidence‘ in your business. It was so refreshing to hear this from some of the most respected leaders.

Why is that important? Because in the online world in particular there is a such a lot of hype and what we call “fake it till you make it” – you know the sort of thing – the flash cars, dollars spouting out of computers, yachts, exotic holidays and all the rest of it. Here’s the thing …. they are just pictures.

What is more powerful is the evidence of success – and we don’t mean showing your bank account or the latest commission cheque ….. to be honest all that can be faked as well …. and you know what – people see what they want to see and believe.

There’s nothing wrong in seeing what you want to see and believing in a dream – what makes the difference is that you do something about it and use it as a catalyst to propel you on your own journey to achieve the success you deserve.

Going back to the point ….. the power of evidence is as you can see very important. It is far more believable when you see a photo of someone in the scene they are describing and video is of course very powerful.

Imagine the difference between say describing a meeting and what was said compared to actually sharing a video that puts you the viewer into the scene. It’s why we use video such a lot – it gives our subscribers and our community a real feel of who we are and builds up that feeling of honesty and trustworthiness.

We were in Atlanta just a couple of weeks ago and recorded a video which we sent out to our friends and subscribers – we take the time to do that to build a relationship with them and of course it also provides evidence.

If you didn’t get to see it – now’s your chance

When we travel abroad for work or pleasure we record videos and send video postcards – to keep in touch and provide the evidence of the freedom and lifestyle that our online business gives us. We work hard and we play hard ….. evidenced by the fact that you can get in touch with us, we are real. we respond to emails and we answer the phone when we are in the office.

Last week for example we dropped by the offices of The Six Figure Mentors (The SFM) to meet Stuart Ross for coffee (which went into lunch as these meet ups usually do) to discuss some future training for the members and while we were there Stuart shot a video with us and asked us how working online had changed our lives. Why? Because the members and future members like to see what is achievable and everyone has a different story to tell.

You can watch the video here ….

The message is of course that people work with those they know like and trust so make sure that you do your research, get in touch and ask the questions you want answered – gather your own evidence.

We’re off to Costa Rica in August for an internet marketing convention so watch out for the next video postcard …. the resort looks amazing and we know that what we will learn there will be of benefit not to just us but to those we work with us building their own business online.

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