Facebook Update – Your Personal Mobile Phone Numbers Now on Facebook

Facebook is a fantastic platform for building relationships and they guys behind the scenes work hard to make it a great experience for us.

However, they do seem to love to make changes and improvements and wait for you to find out about them.

Just the other day we discovered that our personal address book from our mobile phone had been imported and published on Facebook alongside the details of our Facebook Friends.  Whilst it is great to have the contact details of our Facebook friends to hand, it is not so great to have the phone numbers of our bank manager and private friends and family on Facebook and not something we particularly want.

Here’s the information Facebook have published on their blog

Here’s a video Susan did on how to remove your “personal” phone numbers from your Facebook Friends List

You will be left with just the phone numbers of your Facebook Friends after the process.

Let us know what you think in the comments box below

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