Finding Your Passion – Do What You Love – No Excuses!

We really wanted to get you thinking about your  business and whether it truly reflects your passion –  that buzz you feel when you set about your work every day (yes working online is a business and you have to make a Profit!)We really wanted to get you thinking about your  business and whether it truly reflects your passion –  that buzz you feel when you set about your work every day (yes working online is a business and you have to make a Profit!)

We are sure you have heard many times the saying “Do what you love.”  If you truly love what you’re doing you will put every ounce of effort into making it successful.  It will be the “fire” that motivates you.  A business where you are truly happy.  It’s the reason people what to give up their “job” (the 9-5 routine).  They don’t enjoy it and they’re not pasionate about it.

There is a proviso here.  You will need to do some keyword research to ensure that people are interested in your passion and you can profit from it!  If not then it is most likely just a hobby!

Look around at people you respect in your niche (your “passion” market).  It’s easy to tell those who are truly passionate about their business because they’ve taken the time to provide valuable content for their website visitors and their passion shows in everything they do.  They go out of their way to over-deliver with amazing information.  And it’s not just on their website, they do it everywhere they can be seen (especially on social media such as Facebook) because it builds such great rapport with their target audience.

Here’s one from our niche – Gary Vaynerchuk – a video recorded on Ted Talks in 2008!

If you are passionate about what you do and what you stand for you too will attract those people who want to buy your products and services but you will have to invest time, money and resources into making it happen.

If you don’t yet know what that passion is then grab yourself a coffee and a notepad and pen and take some time to write down all the things that motivate you and which you take pleasure in and see how you can turn that into an online business.

Here are our secrets

How To Find Your Passion

This is the part that is going to take a little time but it will be worthwhile. You will need to give thought to who your target market is and what their needs are. It will require you finding your niche, identifying your ideal clients and creating your personal brand.

Having a personal brand allows you to stand out from the crowd of others who have similar products and services. To be what Seth Godin refers to as “The Purple Cow“. Becoming remarkable for what you stand for.

Once you have identified your passion (niche) it will become easy for you to become the “go to” expert for those products and services. Knowing your niche you can focus your marketing on how to reach your target customers, how to meet their specific needs and what motivates them to buy. What you need to become is the “solution provider” for your target market.

The Key Steps to Turning your Passion into a Business

Step #1 Discover your “What”

Look at your passions, skills, experience, expertise. What stands out for you above everything else

Step #2 Identify your “Who”

Who will benefit from what you have to offer. What benefits can you offer them.

Step #3 Define your Niche

Once you have defined your “what” and your “who” then you can define your niche. You do this by asking yourself a problem solving statement. This might be something like “I help coaches, consultants, experts and speakers to leverage the internet and get more clients and earn more” as an example.

Step #4 Research your Niche

This involves you getting in depth knowledge of your target market. What are their challenges, dreams, goals, needs etc. Find the forums and places where they go to get information.

Step #4 Prepare your USP

What is your USP (unique selling proposition) Why would someone want to buy from you. What makes you stand out as the “go to person

Step #4 Marketing

This is the piece of the jigsaw that is really important. You need to create valuable content that helps your target market to solve a problem. You need to attract them, inspire them and then wow them. Become a “lead magnet”.

So what’s our passion you may ask?

Here goes …… in our personal life (and the reason for doing what we do) it is our passion for being in the mountains and skiing in the winter and having the time freedom to be able to do that.  That was our BIG reason.  To do that we had to find that “something” that we were passionate enough about to turn it into a sustainable business.

Internet Marketing didn’t immediately spring to mind but we were interested in it and knew that if we applied our passion for learning and helping others that  this could become a business we were passionate about.

Over time, this has now matured into a niche of internet marketing that we really do have a love for.   That is showing beginners how to get started on the internet and how to follow their passion and turn it into an online business.  It’s how to start an internet marketing business and follow the dream of “the laptop lifestyle”.  It’s also how to take an existing passion as an expert, a coach or a speaker for example and to leverage that passion using the internet.

We know that following your passion is the one thing that will help you achieve the life and business of your dreams.

What are you waiting for?

Take Your Passion and Make It HappenYou can get our Niche Marketing Secrets and read the full article as published on Ezine Articles here

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