Facebook Subscribe Button – What it Means to You

On Wednesday Facebook rolled out the new Subscribe Button.  It allows a user to follow anybody’s public updates, regardless of whether they’re Facebook friends.

This one-way subscription model is like following somebody on Twitter or adding somebody to a Google+ Circle.

While some users are worried about the privacy implications of the the opt-in feature, many are using it to subscribe to other users so there is huge potential for marketers if they use it wisely (not spamming).

Facebook set up the introduction by posing what the company sees as a frustrating problem for its members – it hasn’t been easy to choose exactly what you see in your News Feed.

Facebook aims to change all that with its new Subscribe button. In the coming days, you’ll start seeing the Subscribe button in Facebook profiles. You can use it in one of three ways:

  • to choose what you see from people in News Feed
  • to hear from people, even if you’re not friends
  • to let people hear from you, even if you’re not friends.

Subscribing To Strangers

This is where the new Facebook tool gets interesting. You can Subscribe to people who you’ve never met, never talked to, and don’t even know anyone you know — complete strangers – think of all those influential people in your niche you haven’t been able to have access to before ….

Build a Subscriber Base

If you wan to become a Facebook “celebrity” in your own right, you can get a Subscribe button on your profile. People who subscribe to you will get posts you set as “Public” in their News Feeds. Rather than opting you in automatically and forcing you to opt out, like Facebook often does, this time you have to opt in.

Once you allow subscribers, you can decide who can comment and what notifications you get. You’ll also see a Subscribers tab on your profile, where you can see who subscribes to you.

Here is a video we recorded showing you the basics on how the subscribe button works and how you will be able to use it.

Now you will be able to hear all the latest from the internet marketing gurus who you were previously unable to become “friends” with which will increase your education and help you grow your business.

Please let us know what you think about the new Subscribe Button

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