Blogging Tips From The Experts

We are always looking for tips that will help both us and our students to get more out of their blogs.

This turned up two great videos where some well respected guys we know had their blogs reviewed by expert David Halpern and got it recorded.  Derek Halpern is  a super successful Internet marketer and publisher of the excellent blog.

Now you can get access to that information and tweak your blogs to get the very most out of them and increase your subscribers.


The first of these is a review  Derek spent 45 minutes with Denise Wakeman and pointed out several areas where she could optimize her site to get better results, the most important of which was attracting more email subscribers.  This is not about driving traffic, but how to convert your traffic to your list once they land on your site.  (Remember: it’s your email list that sells, not your your blog).

The video is 45 minutes and worth every minute. Derek shares great marketing tips and explains the reason why behind every lead generation optimization suggestion. The tips he shares can be implemented on any blog in any niche.  His advice is universal.

The second video is where Derek critiques David Risley’s blog where he  focuses on the areas of conversion and increasing David’s opt-in rate.  Again there is great information you can take away from this to help you get the most from your blog.

If you have questions, comments or feedback about Derek’s suggestions, please post them below

Happy Blogging!

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