Frank Kern The State of The Internet 2012 – Second Quarter

Frank Kern The State of The Internet           2012 – Second Quarter

Frank Kern Spring Flowers

We have just listened to Frank Kern’s State of The Internet 2012 Address for the second quarter which he appropriately calls the “Spring Quarter” and we wanted to get this information to you as quickly as possible in case you had missed it.  WHY?

Because in it he shares with you how you can grow your business 500% in the coming months – that’s both in terms of revenue and in value.

Here’s the video so you can listen and take note – we’ve just summarised the key points.

The 4 Pillars (According to Frank Kern)

Frank Kern The 4 Pillars

Pillar # 1 – Shed All Encumbrances Towards Growth

This is the ‘big one’ – the encumbrances that rob you of FOCUS towards PRODUCTIVE WORK.   Let’s look at what that means …. it’s a favourite hobby horse of ours too and we are just as prone to it as anyone else – more so even!   We’re all faced with the same levels of distraction and working online to be honest  makes us even more susceptible to distraction.  We loved the phrase that Frank Kern  used “the internet is the biggest attention defecit disorder vortex in the history of mankind” – we could not have put it better ourselves!

Just think about social media as an example – he uses this too – but we’ll let him explain the the video we are going to share with you here.

We are all bombarded by emails and the offer of ‘opportunities’ constantly and endlessly …. and the thing is that they are probably all great but if we focus on them they will rob us of our real focus.

Key Point Stop Chasing Opportunities and focus on the fundamentals of wealth attraction.  Attracting money into your business and the way to do that is add value              “money is attracted to that which brings most value to the market place”

Think about how you can double your productivity and deliver the most value to the market place.

Key Point – DON’T focus on this stuff – you will lose money!  Focus on REAL productive work which is defined ast ‘stuff that gets customers and money’

Pillar # 2 – Embrace The 3 Master Strategies

These 3 master strategies according to Frank Kern in The State of The Internet 2012 address are:

  • Increase the average transaction size
  • Increase overall customer value
  • Increase the amount of customers

All of these things will  help you to massively increase your profitability and your income.  He uses the example of just 100 customers and you will be amazed at the figures revealed – imagine being able to use these strategies to increase an income of $10,000 to $20,000 – he uses the example of an average internet marketer working 6-7 hours a day and whose income is $10K per month.

3 Master StrategiesHe suggests you complete a chart and makes sure that each of your tasks (he uses his own tasks as an example) = 30 points!

Key point Think strategically because if you always do what you’ve always done you are just going to keep getting the same old results.

Pillar #3  Deploy Proven Strategies

This is all about taking action and implementing the proven strategies (Pillar # 2)  That means that you need to pay attention to your ‘upsells’ and have a smart and effective ‘back end” marketing system

With The Six Figure Mentors that is all taken care of for you which is what we love about the program and why the members speak so highly of it.

Frank is the master of back end sales and at the end of the video you will see just how good he is at it – he has tested these strategies and he knows they work.

In fact you have to fill out an application form to join his 5X Group.  Guess what?  In The Six Figure Mentors we do just the same.  You can see just what we mean by going to our Application (and get some fantastic training included)

Pillar # 4 Grow Towards The Sun

Frank Kern talks about pillar # 4 being the most important.  We’re not surprised actually.  Let’s explain …… we should all see ourselves as being propelled towards the sun and growing like plants in the sunlight.  How do we do that?  We do it by associating with like minded people, belonging to peer groups and mastermind groups where we all have the same aspirations.  Aligning ourseelves with these people will help us to grow way beyond our expectations.

At The Six Figure Mentors we have a fantastic peer group community where everyone helps one another no matter what level of success they have achieved and their mastermind groups which meet around the country (the UK) physically, and around the world (virtually) allow us all to raise our standards and learn from one another.

If you struggle to be productive and want to improve your focus in the way that Frank Kern suggests then check out our Improve Your Productivity Tips and download our consise handbook to help you get the best our of your productive hours.

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