Sharing Content for Free Traffic – Post Planner Review

Sharing Content For Free Traffic

Post Planner Review

It’s all very well having great content that you have written but what if no-one gets to see it?  No eyeballs means no visitors to your content (blog post) or your website and that’s not good news!   You’ve got to share your stuff!  No question!

More Traffic = More Sales

We all of us know that social media is a great place to share your content but you want to do this in a time and cost effective fashion.

You can share your content on Twitter, Facebook, Google + then there are the bookmarking sites such as Stumbleupon, Delicious, Digg and of course the latest – Pinterest ……   and the list just goes on and on.

In our opinion it is best to concentrate on one or two to begin with and for us the main one is definitely Facebook.   In fact, we love sharing our content on Facebook – sharing value content  – that will help people in our niche (building an online business).  But as we all know, this kind of activity can be very time consuming especially when you want to share it on lots of groups – we were regularly sharing our blog posts in about 20 plus groups manually!  Now that’s not a good use of time that could be spent elsewhere doing profit generating tasks ….

Facebook Status Update Tips

But you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do so at least make your posts interesting and appealing

  • find an image that attracts attention to your post update and makes someone want to read more
  • Use an attention grabbing headline (can be different to your blog headline)
  • Make sure you say something about your blog post/link that will encourage them to open it

Here’s how a recent blog post we wrote got shared on Facebook (it pulled an image from our blog post – one that we designated to be the leading image)

That obviously got a few comments and interaction and drew attention because of the headline and the photo.

Now going back to how long all this takes ….. it occurred to us that there had to be an easier way and fortunately for us our good friend and pro blogger shared a fantastic post with us just recently and we got to find out her secret to posting her content on 55 groups on Facebook in less than 10 minutes.  What’s more we discovered that she was branding her posts every single time – now that is very powerful.

Here’s the secret – it’s called Post Planner and with it you can share your content in all those groups in your niche in minutes instead of hours.   Better than that, you can even schedule your posts so you don’t have to be on Facebook for your content to be distributed.  How cool is that!

Here’s what you can do with Post Planner

  • Send you post to multiple groups & pages (only pages you are admin on though)
  • schedule dates/times for your posts
  • schedule updates/posts to repeat
  • get an email notifying you when your posts go out
  • use some pre-written updates

Here’s a video explaining how it works – because video just says it better – now this video does not show the “branded app” at work but gives you a better idea of how it works.  There are also a couple of other videos there which show you some of the other great features

Here’s a blog post we shared earlier which shows just what we mean

Post Planner on Facebook

We think this is a great value tool for you to share your content, create a buzz around your brand and give people more opportunity to build a trusting relationship with you ….. there is a small investment involved but one we think is definitely well worth it for the time you save.

And …. by the way their customer support is awesome (thank you Josh for doing a great job)

So all that remains is to wish you lots of luck with sharing your content – the more you get it out there the more free traffic you can generate…. and that’s we all want!

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