What’s Your Value?

What’s Your Value

So how would you like to be chased down by people wanting to buy your products and services?

To know how other marketers, who might look like you, sound like you – and may have even been marketing for less time that you … are getting all those sign ups and customers that should be yours?

So how do you do that?

It’s SIMPLE when you know how and it’s really just a matter of demonstrating your personal value

That means …..

  • how you see you
  • how others see you
  • and what you have to offer apart from your products and business

This is what all good solid businesses are based on and why people buy from YOU –   because of who you are and what value you can ADD.  It’s why the multi level marketing business thrives – because people buy from those they know, like and trust.

BUT … when you’re brand new how do you do that?  You will be pleased to know that it is fairly easy to do …. IF you are willing to follow some simple suggestions

Here’s a video we’d like to share with you from a very successful entrepreneur and marketer and the founder of Empower Network – Dave Sharpe

We hope you enjoyed and took value from the video – we certainly did.

Having watched the video we hope that you can see that it is absolutely possible for you to succeed … from scratch ….. and be that ‘person to go to’ by demonstrating your value to your marketplace.   That you don’t have to as they say ‘fake it until you make it‘ as so many people try to do.  You don’t need to pretend to be that ‘Guru‘ at the top of the tree to build a successful business.  That may be your ultimate goal but it’s going to be a journey and one where you can share the value of your experience as you go.

We certainly didn’t wake up one morning and announce to the world that we were ‘gurus’.  Just like you we had to start from scratch, learn the basic skills, learn how to attract traffic, leads and prospects and show them through value based communication how they could also set up a business on the internet and learn the skills of internet marketing.

Now we run regular workshops teaching people how they can set up a business online, we have a webshow we air on a Tuesday night bringing free training to internet entrepreneurs and are joined by some very very successful experts in our niche who are willing to share their skills and experience.

All of this did not happen overnight!

Every single one of us had to start from scratch – building your first website, writing your first blog post, getting your first lead and making your first sale.

That puts you on the first rung of the ladder – your value building staircase.  You now have value you can share with the sea of people out there in the world looking to do the same as you ….. and because you have done it already YOU HAVE VALUE and you can share that value and experience.  You can talk about what you have learnt and how your ‘prospects’ (for want of a better word) can do exactly the same.  It really isn’t rocket science.

Don’t try and pretend to be something that you are not – just be YOU and add value to the lives of other people and day by day build your personal and business value so you can share it with more people.

Everyone has a story

story book

All of the students we coach and train started from scratch just like we did and their personal story, struggles and experience they share attracts people to learn from them and become a ‘lead’ in their business and a potential ‘sale’ in the future as they continue to develop that value and show this to their leads through communicating and sharing information on their blog, on social media and just talking to people in their network.

So this is what you’ve got to do to build that online business:-

#1  Start blogging on your website (sharing value)

#2  Think about where your customers are and get on “the same street as they are”

#3  Make your first sale your first goal

#4  Follow the system in your back office (whatever your back office is)

# 5 Share your success – first lead, first sale, first …..

Remember There is a very thin line that separates you from your competition – do one little thing that differentiates you from everyone else out there.

If you’re ready to get started and learn how you can share your value and start making money online JUST CLICK HERE

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