It’s Hard Work!

It’s Hard Work!

Yes .…. that’s the truth of the matter.  Whatever you do requires you to “work” and at the beginning when everything is new it can be “hard work” … but it won’t be like that forever.  Starting an online business or bringing an existing business online is no different to any other new project… but it can bring real fulfilment and be great fun.

Now the reason we are writing this blog post is to dispel the myth that working online is about lazing about on a beach with a laptop by your side doing pretty much nothing.  In fact when we were researching an image for this blog post we were amused by what we found.  Great isn’t it?

So there it is – a laptop on the beach …. but someone has to operate it!  There were some even better pictures of women in bikinis with laptops on the beach but they didn’t look like they were working either …. plus we all know that sand and computers don’t really go together.

But the point is not to put you off the dream of working online from anywhere in the world because it is possible with determination, planning and hard work.  To have what is  often referred to as  “the laptop lifestyle” .  To be honest that is really what the images of a laptop on the beach are meant to conjure up.

We are lucky that we do live “the laptop lifestyle” and work from anywhere in the world – beaches included (although we prefer the mountains and skiing) but it didn’t happen overnight that’s for sure.  We worked hard to get to this point in our lives but by following a straightforward step by step system, learning the skills of internet marketing and working with a mentor we have been able to achieve just that.

But we were just like everyone else at the beginning of our journey online – we had to learn how to build websites, and lead capture pages (even understand what they were), learn how to create webforms, how to do blogging and article writing ….. phew the list seems endless when you start to write about it.   But … over time it all becomes easier and you can initiate automation into your business that releases that all important time we crave for (the lifestyle)

Working online from home is a fantastic business model and one that we believe will hold up the economies around the world in the coming years as more and more people realise that with the growth of the internet and all the technology now available there are more and more opportunities for them.  Opportunities to start a business, spend more time with their loved ones and their families and be totally responsible for their own income and no longer at the mercy of “the boss“, “the job” or “the government

The one determining factor will be how big is your reason why… so the question you have to ask yourself is “why I want to start my own business”   To help you answer that let’s tell you a little about our reason why for those of you who don’t know us so well.

Two years ago we were working long hours – 50 + hours a week in our management consultancy business and whilst we actually loved our “job” and our clients we had no time to spend doing the things we loved …. like skiing.  Added to which our client base was not secure and with everyone tightening their belts our income was very much at the mercy of those we “worked for” and we knew that was not a comfortable position to be in.

So we set about finding an alternative and we matched our skills as business entrepreneurs with working online.  It certainly wasn’t easy to begin with and we learnt our skills and cut our teeth so as to speak just part time to begin with.  Part time mean working full time in our consultancy business and then spending 2 hours every night and weekends building our online business.   Hard Work!  But it paid off because within 6 months we were running a full time business online and because we love coaching and training that is our focus.

Now, because we know the work involved we are very honest when people contact us and we tell them how it is – that it is possible but that it will require working hard at learning the skills to be really successfull.  It is not something that can be done with no investment (in time or money) and certainly not for free.

We use the online coaching and training platform of The Six Figure Mentors to get our students off to a flying start – and to make sure that they know what they can expect they have to complete an Application first (just like you would if you wanted to become an Apprentice with Alan Sugar)  – because that way they know if it is going to be for them and if they have the right mindset to achieve success online.

So the moral of the story is – if you want something enough and you are prepared to put in the hard work it is possible to achieve success online – but you’ve got to want to do it enough!

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