Gary Vaynerchuk Teaches Basic Social Media Principles to CNN

Gary Vaynerchuk Teaches Basic Social Media Principles to CNN

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We were recording some videos for our new training series and got to discussing “your dream job – your dream business”.

They’re powerful words and how often do we think about what is “your dream job” – think YOU here.  How wonderful to earn money from doing what you love – getting paid for being in your dream job.

Coincidentaly, one of our friends (he’s a young videographer) shared a video with us and told us “this is how I want to be in my business”.  So we checked it out and here’s the video he was referring to – CNN interviews Gary Vaynerchuk who grew his love of wine into a booming business – he’s the host of and author of the book “Crush It” (need to grab that book) – and he knows about having the dream job and how we all need to share our passion.

You may think “what the heck can I learn from Gary Vaynerchuk – he’s all about wine”  Think again – seriously what he says is not rocket science but most people really don’t understand social media and in particular small businesses do not understand it.  Sadly they may wake up too late and find that ‘little old company’ down the road who has got it it is killing it on social media.

We are sure you will take a lot of inspiration from this video – if you just take one golden nugget from it then you will start to see a change in your business.

Gary Vaynerchuk Teaches Basic Social Media Principles to CNN


The way we communicate today and the platforms we use – we have to care and we have to show that we care

Whatever your passion is you have to commuicate that, every day; answer emails; care about your subscribers and your followers.

The world has changed, marketing has changed and you have to be up there being the best you can be .  We can no longer dictate to our audience we must interact.  People want to “touch and feel their brands, their celebrities, the products”

Social media is in the words of Gary Vaynerchuk)  “word of mouth on steroids

It you have a brand or product with quality it can get expanded in so many directions through YOU taking the care with your followers, your brand advocates and your brand wanabies.

With social media everyone now has a voice – content creation is your voice. But you have to know how to get eyeballs to your content.  Gary Vaynerchuk talks about how you do that with social media – how for example you should treat Twitter as a “cocktail party” (he should know he has 350.000 Twitter followers (likely more since this video was recorded)

The problem is that people are confused about how to treat Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr  He say that you need to stop treating them as “presentation”  and  be about “working the room” – being social.  It all seems common sense but how many people really get it and do it the right way.

These are wise words and if you are not doing this already in your social media then you need to start right now and see the difference – do it the Gary Vaynerchuck way – seriously.

Don’t always be talking about business – be talking about other things in your life that you are interested in just like you were talking to your neighbours, your friends, people you meet in your day to day life.

How do you Make It Into Something that is to Live Your Dream and Make Money?

Put out quality content; use Twitter and Facebook to ‘shake people’s hand’ and bring them to your content.  Ultimately ‘eyballs’ equals cash and if you don’t understand that you should not be in business” says Gary Vaynerchuk

It’s all change with social media because you don’t control the messages of your brand – it’s your fans who do that and it is how you respond to them that creates the business of your dreams

Tip  Stop Talking and start LISTENING … all the time.  It’s about CARING and about sharing your passion(s)

Tip Everything that is relevant in films and movies is relevant online – you can monetise anything!

These social media platforms are just in his words “a translation from the real world”

Tip Your entrepreneurial success depends on your understanding that transition and how to communicate with your market.

Tip  Start thinking and acting the way the kids do – they’ve grown up with social media and are already way ahead of the game

We hope you enjoyed this video and the content and will use it in your business.  We know that we will be stepping up our game after listening to this.

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Gary Vaynerchuk Teaches Basic Social Media Principles to CNN



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