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Just last year we were lucky enough to meet with Sharon Lechter, co-author of Three Feet From Gold with Greg S Reid and were inspired by her passion and talent as a speaker and in particular what she had created with Greg (who we have not yet had the opportunity to meet – but we will!)

Sharon LechterWe were actually lucky enough to get an interview with Sharon – her advice on becoming an entrepreneur – you can watch it here

On of the profound statements she shared was the success equation (from the book Three Feet From Gold)

P + T x A(2) + F = Success

What does this success equation stand for?

Passion plus Talent multiplied by taking Action with the right Association and then apply the Faith that this is your destiny (Success).

Sharon posed the question “why is it that many people receive such good advice…but few profit from it” We wish we knew!

We have thousands upon thousands of people who have visited our website or seen our blogs, articles and marketing messages. They have held up their hands and said they want to make that change – to be happier and more successful yet they haven’t actually taken that first step. To begin that journey.

We totally understand what this is like – maybe you see the success that other people have achieved in this program or that program – maybe even seen the success that we have achieved and you want that too …. but something is holding you back?

It doesn’t have to be like that – if you are truly ready to take your success to the next level – to begin that journey – your pathway to greatness – even then we have something that we believe will help you to achieve the happiness and success you deserve.

Everyone needs the confidence to not just believe in themself but to find and define their passion and the courage to pursue their dreams. This is one of the biggest obstacles we see when we get emails from our subscribers or phone calls. They share their story, their doubts about their abilities, their hardships …… but also their dreams. Their dreams of being financially free and being able to choose and control their destiny.

Your Pathway to Greatness

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Their biggest doubt is their limiting belief – what is holding them back (we have talked before about the power of a postive mental attitude and shared Napoleon Hill’s wisdom in previous articles).

We want you to be able to get past all of that and to start your own journey towards happiness and success and if you are one of those people reading this who just needs that little bit of help to put them in the right place then we hope you will look at this
course “The Pathway To Greatness” by Greg S Reid.

It’s an easy to follow step-by-step 11 week online coaching program designed to give you the most powerful and complete methods for getting everything you want in life…. we
really hope you will take advantage of it and give you the confidence to do whatever you want in life.

To Your Success

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PS Pathway To Greatness is a home study program from Greg S Reid

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Happiness And Success -Pathway to Greatness

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