Getting Started Online ONE Step at A Time

Considering that there are just 4 simple steps to getting started online why is it that so many people don’t do it?  We speak to people every day and people join our subscriber list every single day because they are looking to get started online …… but they just don’t do it.

So, let’s go through the FOUR steps of Getting Started Online and get rid of those myths forever.

Choose ONE Business Model

One of the first decisions you need to make is which business model you’re going to use. These include models such as affiliate marketing, network marketing, direct sales, making and selling your own information products, etc.  Now, which one should you choose?

To be honest,  it doesn’t matter provided you’re selecting from a list of proven business models like those listed above (and not some unproven “fad”).   Any one  of them will make money for you.  But here’s the key –  making it work for you is learning real business skills and building up on firm foundations.

For the majority of our students we recommend getting started with affiliate marketing or direct sales because time and time again this has proven to be the fastest way to start getting momentum and generating income.  What is more, you don’t have to worry about things such as product creation, technical features, customer support or getting merchant accounts set up etc.

The key point is this – once you have actually chosen your strategy – stick with it and make some money! You can then start to add other models/income streams once you begin to see results.  This is something you will learn at The SFM!

Select ONE Training Course

Just as there are many models to choose from, there are also many gurus and training courses that can teach you about making it online. It’s our advice that to start with you just stick with one course.

With The SFM we provide you with EVERYTHING you require to  build a profitable online business. If you start following 10 different courses you will without a doubt get extremely overwhelmed, frustrated and disheartened very quickly. Trust us, we have been there and it doesn’t get you ANY results!  In fact we tell our students to ask themselves “am I going to use this today and will it help me right now in my business?“  If the answer is YES then ok but if not then save your money until you want it and need it.

Take ONE Action At a Time

Now you have a model and you have the training you need to make money. Your next step is to take action on what you just learned. You might feel overwhelmed when you consider all the work you need to do…. but it will get better honestly.  Stop thinking of it as a big project, and instead break it down into easily manageable steps. So instead of thinking, “I need to build a website,” instead break this task down into little steps such as choosing a domain name, buying hosting, installing a WordPress blog… etc etc

Stick With ONE Thing Until You See Results

One of the reasons many people fail is because they don’t stick with their chosen model or training long enough to see results.  They think it is “not working” because they set unrealistic timelines.  Then what happens is they see something else ‘bright and shiny‘ and they grab it like a lifeline and move off in a new direction.

Typically, this is what we see happening to people working under their own steam.  They  set up a website, write a few blog posts and then write 5-10 articles to promote the website/affiliate product. Nothing happens straight away so what do they do?  They give up on their marketing efforts and decide that doesn’t work for them…. but they’ve seen somewhere that they can make mega money on the latest forex trading system or whatever is the ‘fad’ of the moment.

For exmaple, if you decide to become an affiliate marketer, then follow the training instructions exactly, and stick with it until you see results. No matter how alluring other models or new products on the market are to you, just keep your eye on your goal.

You can avoid this simply by committing to stick with ONE thing until you see results.    Set mini milestones and goals for yourself, such as completing a module or finishing some content for a webpage.  You’ve heard the one about “how do you eat an elephant – one bite at a time”  It’s the same here.

Success Key

The key to starting a successful business include choosing ONE model, choosing ONE training guide, taking action and staying focused

And here’s the final key that brings it all together – The SFM – because it’s never too late to start!

Oh by the way-  the investment right now is only $5  to check it out (but we’ve been told it will only be around at this price until the end of October)

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