Have You Got a Million Dollar Idea?

Sounds a very strange question doesn’t it? Actually it’s not!


Aha” and “eureka” moments occur when you least expect them. The concept of ‘million dollar ideas’ can happen to anyone anytime and when it is implemented in the most appropriate of manners, it can change someone’s life drastically.

Not all ideas are ‘million dollar ideas‘ but if you never take action with an idea you will never know.  If you have never read “The One Minute Millionaire” by Mark Victor Hansen and R Robert Allen we definitely recommend that you do.  It is truly inspiring and who knows what ideas may come out of reading it!

Let’s say you have an idea or a subject you are passionate about.  What should you do next?

Here’s our action plan (taken from their book because it is just perfect using fish as a metaphor):-

  • Find the hungriest fish in the lake – do your research online (where better to start)
  • Discover the kind of bait your fish have been biting on – this is market research.  talk to the fish yourself, find out what other fishermen have been successfully using.  What do your potential customers (your fish) want?  Find out what information they want so you can deliver it to them
  • Design your unique bait – ask your tartet fish what they don’t like about the competitor’s products.  Ask them what would they add to that product to make it perfect for them
  • Test your bait – create advertising that makes your customers (your fish) bite
  • Roll out your campaign – make lots of different versions of your product from ebooks, DVD’s, CD’s MP3’s, Workshops, Seminars etc etc  Your hungry fish will want to buy your information in lots of different ways

This is exactly how The Six Figure Mentors came into being.  It was the culmination of knowing what the market required and making a “product” that fitted the demands of its customers i.e. to provide the BEST internet marketing coaching and training at an affordable price so that ANYONE could start an online business and have all the resources available to them to succeed.

We also discovered a HUGE market for a simple step by step system to set up an internet business but done in a way that was really easy to follow.  We’ll be sharing this with you in a couple of weeks when it’s ready to launch.

So if you have a million dollar idea then what are you waiting for?

….. we’re just off to Spain to get WiFi sorted out for our apartment (someone had a great idea on how they could get that to us) …. so our next blog post will be from Duquesa in the Costa del Sol where it is currently 29 degrees and sunny ….. lovely

Give us a call and share your million dollar idea with us and let’s see how we can help you get it off the ground ….. speaking of which we are just about to go LIVE on our webshow (our other million dollar idea) and we have as our guest Phill Turner – “How to Create Exploding Products in Less than 1 Day”  Why not join us?

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