Going The Extra Mile

Going The Extra Mile

Going The Extra Mile Chris And Susan Beesley
These were the words from the Napoleon Hill Foundation Thought for The Day

“Start going the extra mile and opportunity will follow you”

Going the extra mile can give you insight and a good reputation, both of which attract opportunity.

Many obvious opportunities are found in places no one else has bothered to venture. If you put in the extra effort to make a good project an even better one, or you get to know your equipment better than anyone else on your shift, you will see things others overlook and be in a position to make use of them.

Leaders who need a job done think first of people they know who will do it well. If other people respect you for the quantity and the quality of your work, you will find yourself advancing past others who regard their jobs as drudgery.

For all the extra service that you’ve rendered, you’ll find yourself more than amply compensated by opportunities others never grasp.

Whilst Napoleon Hill when he originally wrote this referred we believe to a more traditional “job” rather than what we would also look at today i.e. a business opportunity.

Yet the words are just as appropriate. If we look for example at the businesses that we have a connection with such as The Six Figure Mentors and Empower Network.

In the Six Figure Mentors Stuart Ross (our mentor) saw the creation of the program as means of providing a platform for traffic and lead generation but attached a community to it so members could help one another.

In Empower Network Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe created a program to benefit the masses providing a blogging platform that was easy to use and which any business could benefit from using.

In the Ten Ten Formula which we created with our business partner Eric Green, we have a system which our team members can follow step by step and we continue to given the information and strategies that will help them to grow their business.

We have all stood out and gone that extra mile.

What can you do that requires going that extra mile?

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Going The Extra Mile


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