Happy Christmas

Christmas is a very special time of the year and we wanted to wish you all a wonderful time with your friends and family and if you are one of those people who work to keep both us and our world safe and at peace you have our grateful thanks.

We’re spending our Christmas in The French Alps doing what we love best and recorded this video message especially for you.

Yesterday we celebrated in traditional French style with “Christmas Dinner” on Christmas Eve after a day of skiing …… whatever Christmas means to you we wish you the most fantastic time.

Here’s our tips for making the most of your precious Christmas Holiday

  • focus on the people and the things in your life you have to be gratful for – there are many people in the world less fortunate than you
  • turn off your phone, the internet and social media and enjoy the special time with the people you love
  • decide to take full responsabilty for your life and your results
  • stop listening to the TV and media – it’s hyped up for effect
  • decide to make your dreams a reality in 2012!

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