Horrible Bosses

Horrible Bosses aka “fire the boss

Horrible BossesWe just could not resist writing this blog post since the film has just been released this month (we only got to see the trailer last night – bit behind the times with films).  After all being in business should be FUN!

We have been working together for twenty odd years.  We’ve often tried to fire each other and we each think the other is a horrible boss from time to time.  We’ve solved the problem by having our own separate offices!

Here’s a extract from the movie – just for fun (sorry there is some adult language in it)

It made us chuckle because most people’s dream of financial freedom is to work for themselves and “fire the  boss” because the 9-5 JOB  revolving around “horrible bosses” just isn’t what they want anymore.  Of course it does take a little more than wanting to “fire the boss”!

Our advice to anyone wanting to live that dream is to make a plan, to write it down and to take every possible step day by day towards that dream – whether that is finding the ideal MLM busines or just wanting to to start a business online.

For most people that is finding the money to invest in their dream and to get started – even if it is part time.  The thing is, “wanting” only  brings more “wanting” whereas positive action gets you nearer to where you want to be.

If getting rid of your “horrible boss” is what you want to do then just give us a shout and tell us what your time line for achieving this is and we’ll see how we can help you make a plan.  As they say “where there’s a will there’s a way“.

Hope you enjoyed this bit of fun and of course we would love to have your feedback.  Why not tell us what your dream is and what you have done so far …… that would be great.

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