The Self Help Bible Review

We were delivered a very special gift this week “The Self Help Bible” from our  friend and personal mentoring student Amanda Ball and we wanted to share with our community this wonderful book.

Why?  Well when we first started working with Amanda and her partner Julian we knew that we were working with some very special people and we forged not just a working relationship but a true friendship.  They both had talents that they had not yet truly explored although they were already successful in their chosen field of NLP and helping their clients reach their true potential.

Amanda then started her journey on writing The Self Help Bible and we were priviledged to read and review it as it developed.  We also had Amanda share her talents with our students and The Six Figure Mentors community as mindset is such a key part of running any business.

Here’s what Amanda says:-

“I hope you will be inspired to better  yourself, to seize opportunities and to achieve your true potential.

You are every bit as remarkable, and deserve your success, as much as any other human being on this planet.

It is yours for the taking, with the right mindset, the right system and your willingness to take consistent, focused action.

Every journey begins with a single purposeful step and often the destination is not where we expected it to be.  Why not let today be the day you take the first step to a brighter future, in which you are being, having and doing exactly what you want?

Enjoy your journey x”     Amanda Ball

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We totally endorse what Amanda says and want to help as many people as we possibly can start their own internet business but for many it is getting over that limiting belief and taking the first step.  This book is so simple and practical that anyone can apply what they learn and begin their own journey.

If you can get over your own limiting beliefs and develop that all important self esteem and confidence you can do anything that you want!

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