How the Mind Works

How the Mind Works

How the mind works chris and susan beesley

We may be online marketers but we are fascinated about how the mind works – particularly the subconscious mind – and to be honest it wasn’t until we read Think & Grow Rich many years ago that this fascination began.

As we have grown our business and had the opportunity to read comments from subscribers, people we meet at events and through social media we have come to recognise how powerful the workings of the mind are and the huge impact that has on each person’s outlook on life, their ability to make decisions (especially around change) and to make the transition to becoming an entrepreneur.

Recently we were approached to review a new book by Eldon Taylor (Eldon Taylor is an award winning, New York Times best selling author of over 300 books, audio, and video programs) and given our passion for knowledge on the subject of the mind we were delighted to do so.

Self Hypnosis and Subliminal Technology – Eldon Taylor

How the Mind Works  Chris and Susan BeesleyThe Review

When we got the book to review we were immediately struck by how easy it was to read – clear explanations of all things “scientific” regarding the workings of the mind and it has definitely been written with a wide target audience in mind. People love “guides” so the subtitle “A How-To Guide for Personal Empowerment Tools You Can Use Anywhere” really appealed to us and we are quite sure it will equally appeal to hundreds if not thousands of people around the world.

We particularly liked the workbook style and space to write down notes just when you needed to.

The book was very clearly set out and explanations of the scientic side of things clearly written down in layman terms.

The part on subliminals was interesting to us in that it gives scientific studies that prove the efficacy of subliminal messaging as we did not previously have a clear knowledge of that.

The CD’s were an interesting experience and we look forward to getting more from these over the coming days, weeks and months as we use and apply the techniques.

We would say that overall the strength of Eldon’s book is actually the fact it is more than just a book. The accompanying CD (broken down into individual audios) is very well thought out and easy to use although the word “hypnosis” may frighten a few (don’t be). More and more people are using their listening skills these days and we are sure they will be a great success particularly in this time stretched world in which we live where we really need to be able to apply techniques to help us breakthrough areas of difficulty in our lives.

We would like to see an audio version of the book as well to complete the picture for those with preference for all things auditory…. it is actually becoming more and more popular a medium for study these days and we all need to keep up with the times.

Eldon has been called ‘the master of the mind‘ and his book “Self Hypnosis and Subliminal Technology” is testimony to that.

Looking forward to receiving the hard back version to complete our library….

If you want to understand subliminal technology and to learn the skills of self hypnosis this is the book and audio program for you.

Don’t take our word for it ……

You can Preview and Read Other Reviews over on Amazon





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