How To Create A “How To” Headline that Enthralls Your Audience

How To Create A “How To” Headline that Enthralls Your Audience


How to Create a How To Headine Chris And Susan Beesley

Creating great headlines is imperative whether it is an artice, a video or a blog post. Here’s some great advice we read recently on “how to” create a headline that enthralls your audience ….. we really could not have said it better so we are just going to share it here just as we saw it with a few examples of our own

We know sometimes we can spend a lot of time surfing the web to learn different ways to improve our marketing skills.

So let’s talk about headlines. 🙂

Headlines in any form are always important. Creating an attention grabbing headline for your articles and videos is crucial since that is how you will get individuals to pay any attention to it and read it!

So Let’s talk about how to create a headline …..

For your “How To” articles and videos to ensure it gets the attention it deserves. Here are a few of the tips and tricks we learned over at when developing a “How to” Headline for a piece of content. This a free subscription and the tips are fantastic.

How to’s” are awesome because with our busy lives we are always looking for shortcuts to success. Concentrate on the Benefits of your “How to” and make sure you put it in the headline. ***Remember Benefits, Benefits,

The “How To” Benefits!

You can even double the benefits right in your headline. Just fill in the blank with two Benefits.

How to ______________ and ________________.

For example, “How to Lose Weight and Build Muscle,”

or “How to Quit Your Job and Make Money.”

It’s twice as good and twice as enticing.

We love headline templates! Wecan fill in blanks all day long! Here is a great one for writing “How to’s”:

Headline Formula (Template)

How to Create a How To Headline  Chris and Susan Beesley

“How to [Mundane Task] That [Rewarding Benefit].”

( Just like this blog post ) – How to Creat a [How to] THAT [Captivates and Enthralls]

That formula can save you tons of brain power and precious time. Again, just fill in the blank. For example, “How to Build a Blog That Brings You Leads,”or “How to Make a Video That Goes Viral.”

And lastly, consider leaving out the “to. Focus on the benefit you will be delivering.

For example, “How We Made a $9,000 ” or “How We Got 25 Leads in 2 Days.”

With that formula they know exactly what they are getting and curiosity will lead them right into your content.

We hope you can put some of these formulas to use. We have and it has really helped in coming up with our “How to” headlines.

Have a Wonderful Week!


How to Create a “How to” Headline That Captivates And Enthralls

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