How To Achieve Success With Affiliate Marketing

How To Achieve Success With Affiliate Marketing

How To Achieve Success With Affiliate MarketingHow To Achieve Success With Affiliate Marketing  : The biggest limiting belief that holds people back from success with affiliate marketing is the belief that affiliate marketing is salesy, sleazy or scammy.  We hold up our hands because to be perfectly honest that was what we thought too before we created our online business around the affiliate marketing model some 8 years ago now.

Let’s put it in perspective though and go through the mindset shift that we had about it.  Just look at a typical scenario where you go watch a movie and you love it … next thing you tell all your friends.  That’s you referring something that you liked to someone else right?  OK you didn’t get a payment (commission) for sharing that information … but imagine for a moment if you could have …

Well in it’s simplest form that’s pretty much how affiliate marketing works.  You promote a product and you you get paid a commission for promoting it when someone you refer to the seller of the product buys.

Understanding that and then choosing a niche we were very comfortable with allowed us to create a very successful affiliate marketing business under the brand of Chris And Susan Beesley and Online Success Skills.

We decided that our niche was going to follow on from our business consultancy background and we would offer online business training programs, tools and resources and specifically in the 50 plus market

Bad Apples Spoil The Bunch

How To Achieve Success With Affiliate MarketingNow it’s important to acknowledge an unfortunate truth … SOME of the accusations about affiliate marketing are justified.  There are a few bad apples but the reality is that most people who do affiliate marketing are awesome people who just want to serve their audience

The Number One priority in our books is to serve your audience and we have a free guide you can download now that will show you how affiliate marketing serves your tribe and how you can promote affiliate marketing offers without being salesy, sleazy or scammy.

Inside the book we will share the 5 Secrets of TOP affiliates. The author of the book Matt McWilliams has worked with some of the living legends in online business whose names you will no doubt recognise:

Michael Hyatt, Lewis Howes, Brian Tracy, Ray Edwards, Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington and more.  He’s also worked with more than 100,000 affiliates … so he knows his stuff!

We’ve worked with him on a number of affiliate product launches and he knows his stuff.

And he knows how to take something as mysterious and sometimes misunderstood like affiliate marketing and make it SUPER EASY to understand

Not only will you get his book but also access to his affiliate marketing masterclass video training series and other super useful eBooks so that you will know exactly how to set up a successful affliate marketing business in whatever niche you choose

Here’s the Other Books in The No Product No Problem Series

How To Win At Affiliate Marketing : Go Here

Affiliate Freedom The Quick Start Guide To Making Money Online  : Go Here

Affiliate Marketing Sales Secrets : Go Here

Thanks for reading and hope we see you here again to read what interests you ?

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We’re former accountants of a certain age (60+) with 5 great kids and 4 grandchildren. We love skiing and traveling the world and have achieved a fabulous life helping others to start and build a successful business online and now speak on international stages following that passion and helping transform lives. We started an online education and training business helping entrepreneurs in their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s create their ultimate retirement breakthrough and find a way to fund their retirement and fulfil their passion and purpose as midlife entrepreneurs.  Our worldwide educational business is centered on online marketing business education, financial literacy and wealth creation and a desire to help you create financial freedom through online entrepreneurship whatever your age or experience.

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