Top Reasons An Entrepreneur Should Brand Themselves

Top Reasons An Entrepreneur Should Brand Themselves

shutterstock_541057264Top Reasons An Entrepreneur Should Brand Themselves : Trying to build a business without branding yourself in the 21st century where mobile devices and selfies are part of everyday life if foolhardy.

Taking the time from the day you decide to become and entrepreneur will reward you well into the future.  How do we know?  Because we learned it early on from our online business mentor and to this very day we are eternally grateful for that advice.  So much so that we hammer home how important personal branding is to our customers, clients and students

The  KNOW, LIKE and TRUST factor is as important for a solo entrepreneur as it is for the bigger brands you will recognise … in fact we would say even more so because most of us are very passionate about what we do and should protect our personal brand vigorously.

What is Personal Branding?

In essence, personal branding is the process by which business people differentiate themselves by identifying and communicating what makes them different or unique from their competitors.  Those features that make them stand out from the crowd. If you are providing a service or supplying products in a competitive field (this especially applies to affiliate marketing and network marketing) then this USP (Unique Selling Point) is critical to your success.

Why is personal branding so important?

If you don’t stand out from the crowd, that means you’re just like everyone else … and if you’re just like everyone else, why should customers or clients choose you over your competitors?

Using ourselves as an example, when we started our online business back in 2010 our mentor asked us what we had that was unique to us and would differentiate us from other people promoting the same business opportunity (a high ticket education and personal development program)  Our answer was our business development skills honed from years working with small businesses as management consultants and it was our age.  He told us that it was likely to be our age and our professional background that would differentiate us and he was right!  To this very day that is what attracts people to work with us. It’s what will attract people to work with you

Top Reasons An Entrepreneur Should Brand Themselves

Be The Expert

When you brand yourself people will perceive you as the expert and it gives you a voice. Without branding yourself, people will not perceive you as an expert. You will simply be just another affiliate marketer or network marketer operating in a big pond.

Build Credibility and Trust

By branding yourself through your website (like the one you are reading this article on) and creating a brand across all social media you will be able to dominate Google in search results for your name and brand.  In these days search engines enable anyone to check you out whilst doing their due diligence and seeing if you are legitimate and trustworthy.  If they can’t find you or have a hard time finding you in the world of Google people will move on and find someone they can to give their business to.

Tell Your Story

Your personal story is integral to your brand and will develop over time.  Tell it you must because it is through your story that people relate to your pain (which is usually theirs too) and will more readily identify with your recommended solution.  Your story is essential to your personal branding and one of the top reasons an entrepreneur should brand themselves.

The Slight Edge

tulips-175605_960_720You need to be one step ahead of your competiors and being more visible in search results will help you show that you are more professional and trustworthy than they are.  You estabish your brand by standing out from the crowd … what we refer to has having “the slight edge” What you stand for and who you can help is your USP (Unique Selling Point)

The yellow tulip in a field of red and coloured tulips.  You stand out!

Add Value

When you add value to what you do, what you’re good at this will automatically increase the referrals you get and attract the people who want to engage with your brand and work with you.

For instance what can you offer by way of a bonus to help you stand head and shoulders above your competitors?

Testimonials are key to this and you should always be collecting them for the future


As we said we were lucky enough to brand ourselves and build our business using the attraction marketing model when we started our online business 8 years ago and it has stood us in good stead over the years hence we can talk about it with confidence

Social Media Branding Academy The one course we recommend to all our clients and students working in the affiliate marketing and network marketing space is the Social Media Branding Academy by two good friends and experts in the field

You can check it out here


Branding Resources

Expert Secrets by Russel Brunson – Click Here

Social Media Branding Academy – Click Here

Thanks for reading and  well talk more on this important subject of BRANDING in another article.  Meanwhile do let us know if you have any questions or we can assist you with starting or building your business

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