What Happens If The Company You Promote Gets Shut Down

What Happens If The Company You Promote Gets Shut Down

door-1587863_960_720What Happens If The Company You Promote Gets Shut Down : Frankly we didn’t ever imagine having to write an article like this but the truth is that there is every possibility at some time in your entrepreneurial journey if you are working in the affiliate marketing or network marketing space that a company you promote may get shut down by the powers that be.

Well it’s just happened to a company we have been promoting as affiliate marketers for the past 3 years … it was officially announced on Monday that the FTC shut down MOBE. It was heartbreaking news, totally unexpected and a lot of people are hurting as a result.

News like this can be devastating to an entrepreneur especially when the majorit of your income is based upon promoting just one thing or it’s your primary promotion because you believe so passionately in it.

We just wanted to give you our perspective an experience not just as online entrepreneurs but from our experience as accountants and management consultants having dealt with company shut downs more than once in our careers.

And to be clear we cannot and are not legally able to give you advice only share our thoughts which are ours personally and not those expressed by MOBE

The question is what do you do next ?

That was the question we were faced with earlier this week after the rumours we heard became reality and on Monday we recorded a video with our thoughts on it

What To Do When Your Company Gets Shut DownNow we may look smiley and happy but trust us we were hurting, not just for the loss of our personal income but the loss for our clients, students and friends who we have worked with over the years and helped build their affiliate marketing based businesses …

Does that mean we hate the affiliate marketing model?

Absolutely not!

Our online business we started back in 2010 has been affiliate marketing based and it’s a model we love and will continue to recommend.

If you are one of our friends affected and found your way here we hope you will take some comfort from the video if you didn’t see it on social media, and know that it’s not the end of the world but a new beginning.  Another step on your entrepreneurial journey …

There will be road bumps and obstacles on the way but how you cope wth them will help you achieve your ultimate dreams and goals

“If You Can Keep Your Head When All About You Are Losing Theirs …”  From IF by Rudyard Kipling

We’ve had outpourings of support and kindness and all because we have taken time over the years to look after our clients and customers and build a brand of honesty and integrity

We invite you to take a look at a Facebook Post we wrote just this morning

Just click on the picture to read the full post and the comments ?

The Entrepreneur In YouSo what next?

We’re taking some time to do our due diligence and find the right home for us and our friends and if you are every faced with your company being shut down either by the FTC or just for economic reasons we hope this article has helped in some way

If your situation is one of desparation we urge you to speak with someone who can help your come to terms with what has happened.

Which brings us to something we highly recommend … and that’s to brand yourself so that should something like the company your promote getting shut down your brand it still there across the internet and on social media … we wrote an article on it the other day we recommend you read

If you want to stay in touch and follow our next steps or needs some support and friendship on your journey you can join our Facebook Community : Inner Circle Mastermind here

Thanks for reading and hoped this article has helped you

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