How To Choose An Affiliate Program

How To Choose An Affiliate Program

How To Choose An Affiliate ProgramIf you’ve been around us for any length of time then you will know that 8 years ago (at the time of writing this) we embarked on a journey of discovery starting an online business.  Although we didn’t know it at the time (we were newbies just like everyone is to start) we were in fact embarking on a career as affiliate marketers.

Because of our business background (accountants and management consultants) we knew that the one thing that entrepreneurs and business owners needed was good marketing education to grow their business.

It really was quite by accident that we discovered there were online business education (digital products) that people would buy on the internet … and the rest as they say in history.  We knew that was what we would base our business on … providing business education and training to entrepreneurs and business owners

We began life promoting an affiliate program that had a library of information products in that niche but also offered alongside that the opportunity via that program for entrepreneurs looking for a business to start their very own information business.  The funny thing was we really didn’t know that this was the affiliate marketing model that we were to follow thereon in!

How To Choose An Affiliate Program – The Secrets To Success

Let’s get down to the detail so that you can use this information to help you choose the right affiliate program for you.  It might actually be a little different to what you were expecting and we will get to the point in the next section trust us!

Secret #1 Have a passion and belief in what you are selling.  Sales legend Zig Ziglar said that selling “is essentially a transfer of feelings” and he’s right.  You can never market or sell something that you don’t passionately believe in.  Trust us you’ll make more money and serve your audience better in the long run than promoting something just for the next dollar.

Secret #2 In order to succeed at marketing or selling affiliate offers you have to visualise yourself making the sale i.e. be in the right mindset for success.  We were once asked by a very successful internet entrepreneur what was more important mindset or marketing.  Of course it’s both but without the right mindset the marketing will fail!

Secret #3 You cannot market or sell to a “cold audience”  As Zig Ziglar says “Every sale has five obstacles no need, no money, no hurry, no desire, no trust” If you are not presenting to a warmed up audience you face all five of these obstacles!

Before you promote something, make sure you are consistentl providing your audience with valuable content, keep in touch with them regularly (social media and email) and keep them warm.  More tips on that in our downloadable document.

Secret #4 Going the extra mile.  “There are no traffic jams on the extra mile” says Zig Ziglar  The point is that you have to stand out from the crowd – be different to other affiliate marketers promoting the same product and be prepared to wow your audience so they choose to make their purchase from you and not someone else.

How To Choose An Affiliate Program

We’re assuming as you are reading this that you don’t want to create your own products at this stage in your new career and that you want to promote the products and services created by a program owner (vendor) (taking into account the secrets we shared with you above)

So you’ve chosen your niche (ours in online business education and training for entrepreneurs and business owners just to give you an idea.  Yours might be health and wellness or dating for example)

Now to find the affiliate program or programs that fit your audience

How To Choose An Affiliate ProgramIs It Desired By Your Target Audience

Whatever affiliate program you promote must be desired by your target audience.  Hopefully you have already actioned this before you started your quest as an affiliate marketer but it is worth re-visiting to clarify this point

The program you are researching must fit their wants and needs.  So in our particular case we are marketing online business education and training programs to peole 50+ usually of a professional or business background looking for a change to their current career or to provide an income for their retirement. We’re not trying to market or sell what we promote to everyone aged 18-65 so the program has to fit our criteria.

Do Your Research (in accountant speak we call it your due diligence)

If you don’t have a big following already (no one does starting out), study your competition and see what is popular. Also, get onto social media and Google and see what problems your audience are facing. If you can find a programme that solves these problems, then you have a potential winner on your hands.

Now for the affiliate program itself.  That means going to Google, Bing, Yahoo or other sites like to see what’s available.

Now understand that many of the results that appear will be written by marketers who only want to promote their favourite program and will give you a review of the program you are researching with that ONE AND ONLY INTENTION to get you to buy from them or writing a review saying that the affiliate program you are looking at is a scam.  This is something a newbie affiliate marketer entrepreneur probably wouldn’t know and may be discouraged from checking out the program further.  You can however pick up some good tips so write down what you have discovered and continue your research.

Are The Products Digital or Physical (or a combination)

Which is best? Physical products like cosmetics and gadgets or virtual products like e-books, video trainings, music or software? Which products are more profitable and can get you fast and guaranteed profits?

We believe that digital products in almost all cases are more beneficial to promote. Why? Well, to start with, you have nothing to ship, there is no postage or handling and once the payment is made, your client gets a download link and simply downloads the product.

Always try to find products that really serve people and solve their problems creatively. You’ll find that it doesn’t really matter about the product’s price or if your product is really unique. All you need to do is show your target prospects how your product is a key to their success

Commission Levels

By now you should have a good idea of the type of products you are looking to promote. Now it is time to search for an affiliate program or programs that are going to make you a good return. One aspect to consider carefully is how much commission you can earn.

Many new affiliates automatically think that higher commission levels provide the most attractive opportunities, yet it’s important to look at the bigger picture. High commissions may be offered on products with low sales, while a high selling product may have a lower commission rate.  A combination of both is the ideal.

High Price Products

These are what are often referred to as “high ticket” and the model we were first introduced to back in 2010.

It may be tempting to overlook high price products, in the misconception they are harder to promote (we worried about that too at first). If you are looking to create £5000 in affiliate commissions you could sell 500 products on which you make $10 commission per sale, or 50 x products you make $100 or 5 x products you make £1000. If you believe in your chosen product and know that it solves a problem that many people are experiencing, then go for the higher ticket product.

Most affiliate marketers sell both lower and higher products to appeal a full spectrum of users. Be open to a wide range of products and prices will allow greater opportunities for your business.

If you were just getting started with affiliate marketing we world recommend you focus on attracting the type of person who buys higher ticket items

Are There Quality Products

The product has to be good. Making your customers happy is the best way to long-term success, and quality products are a large part of that equation. Over time, you will earn a good reputation which will go along way to aiding you in your future sales.

The Affiliate Program Vendor’s Reputation

Merchants all have to start their businesses at some point, but it is preferable to work with long-established vendors with a good reputation and high traffic. Do your research and make sure they tick all the boxes

Here’s the criteria we look for in finding suitable online business training programs in our niche

  1.  Step by step training
  2.  Personal one-on-one coaching
  3. Done for you product fulfilment, payment processing and customerservice
  4. A professional sales staff that will make phone sales for you
  5. Cutting edge strategies for generating traffic online today
  6. Done for you”business in a box”

In Conclusion

When you are choosing a product, how much you can earn is important, but you will find that you are most successful with the affiliate program or programs of your choice that you are genuinely passionate about. When you sell something you care about your customer can tell. This can be one of the most important choices of all – do you love the product?

And most of all, if you are serious about becoming a professional and profitable affiliate marketer you should meticulously scrutinise the affiliate program (s) which are available within your targets sector(s) and how much profit, if any, you are realistically likely earn from them

And a saying from the old days rings true today as much as it did back then “if it sounds too good to be true it usually is”  Use your common sense!

Disclaimer : Any new business takes effort to reap the rewards.  Don’t expect the results of a business if you treat it as a hobby!  To be successful in any business venture you have to advertise and that means spending money.  If you don’t have a marketing budget and not prepared to invest in your business then affiliate marketing is not for you.

Thanks for reading and hope it was super useful information 🙂

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